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UK's homelessness and rough sleepers

Updated on January 25, 2017
Protesters protesting the rents private landlords and councils charge for renting out properties
Protesters protesting the rents private landlords and councils charge for renting out properties | Source
Poster about homelessness
Poster about homelessness | Source

The fact that people are homeless and sleeping rough in the UK today is a disgrace when we are the 6th wealthiest nation in the world. People sleep rough or are homeless for many reasons such as failed relationships, debt, alcoholism, drug abuse, children fleeing abuse but the government has to be held to account too.

The fact that private landlords can charge hundreds of Pounds for properties that are in a lot of cases substandard is a blemish on our society. The government can put a cap on benefits that people need to survive if their out of work or ill but will not put a cap on the amount of rent private landlords can charge and that is plain wrong.

Ed Miliband who was the Labour leader before Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 general election wanted to put a cap on private landlords but alas this never saw the light of the day as Labour lost. The homeless charity Crisis has issued some figures for the numbers of homeless and rough sleepers on our streets with 17% being EU nationals and 12% women.

The amount sleeping rough and homeless on our streets has doubled over the last 6 years and Labour have attacked these findings saying on their watch rough sleepers and the homeless were not such a problem. Local authorities say on a single night in 2016 there were 4,134 rough sleepers in England compared with 1,768 in 2010.

May's government say they are going to invest £550 million to help vulnerable people such as these which is all well and good. But every time a problem crops up whether it be the NHS or whatever this governments mantra is we are spending so much money on the problem but is the money going to where it can help that is the question.

UK charity Shelter
UK charity Shelter | Source

Brief bio of homeless charity Shelter

1) Founded in UK in December 1966

2) Founder Bruce Kenrick

3) Not for profit charity

4) Charity set up for housing and the homeless

5) Its main address is in London, UK

6) Revenue: GBP 53,026,000



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