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U.N. Peacekeepers Complicit in Sex Trafficking

Updated on December 21, 2012
The REAL Whistleblower
The REAL Whistleblower
sex workers, one with her passport
sex workers, one with her passport

If you ever doubted how useful the U.N. was or how effective their peacekeepers are when deployed to a war-torn country, simply watch The Whistleblower.

The movie is non-fiction. It really happened as the movie portrays it, some of the dialogue is verbatim. Kathy Bolkovac, was a police officer working in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was one of the best officers on the force. Despite personal problems of divorce and child custody, DynCorp, a contract security force where some UN peacekeepers come from, hired her to be a peacekeeper in war torn Bosnia in 2000-01. That war ended a few years earlier. She was paid, $100,000 for six months work.

The movie shows the corruption of UN peacekeeping force then and still does in other parts of the world for the same sex-trafficking issue. In Bosinia, she uncovers evidence that many UN peacekeepers are helping the sex-traffickers transport their teens from other countries. Worse, they partake in the gang rapes and other disgusting sex acts when off duty. The movie is gripping from start to finish and it never lets up. There are some truly provocative scenes that will anger you about injustice, human dignity and abuse of women in areas of the world.

As in real life, the U.N. in Bosnia, tried to cover it up, first by trying to send Kathy home on a forced vacation, then as she obtained more incriminating evidence and files of payoffs and identification of those involved, fired her. Luckily, with the help of Internal investigations who also uncovered it, they smuggled the files out and gave them to the BBC. That is how the story broke out to the world. The United Nations has finally focused serious attention on addressing sexual crimes among the more than 120,000 personnel it has deployed in 16 peacekeeping missions globally. Soldiers serving the United Nations are subject to their own countries’ military justice. The only wrist slap often faced by contractors is being sent home, because they enjoy immunity as United Nations employees.

That is what happened. Once allegations were proved true, many of the officers in Bosnia were sent home and that is it. Kathy filed a wrongful termination lawsuit in 2003 and won. Dyncorp, the contractor, has made it impossible for her to work since.

U.N. peacekeepers use soldiers from home countries many times, paying about $1100 a month to each. In April, 2012, over 100 peacekeepers were sent home from Haiti when evidence surfaced they had sex with minors on a regular basis paying as little as $1 for it.


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