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Updated on September 27, 2010

Unwelcome guest.

From many of the interviews with Iran's President Ahmadinejad last week, he never broke away from his rehearsed male monologues that he has compiled over the years. (...and he never broke a sweat repeating them, either).

On the question of whether he wanted Iran to have nuclear weapons or not, during the many interviews, he had come out with the same answers, several times over; as if they were a carbon copy list of replies he had given reporters and TV interviewers before, the last time he was at the U.N., almost two years ago.

"Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes,"; quote, unquote.

Or, did his country support terrorism or not; and he would say,

"We don't support terrorism in any way, shape or form. Iran is a peaceable country."; quote, unquote.

Only this time around, he had to throw in two new subjects; 1. That, some believed "9/11 was caused by segments within the U.S." to cover up a failing economy, and "to save Israel." However, how that happened, he was completely mum about it.

If he had mentioned the CIA or any other group(s) used for secret military missions overseas or even internally, like the FBI, he would have given himself away as one, who has been thoroughly doing his homework; but he wanted to sound deliberate and off-the-cuff, if not summarily casual, just to deceive his listeners; therefore, there was no naming of any organizations.

The other was, 2. Presenting his views on the world economy at large, and saying the U.S. and other Western powers were dominating the decision making processes; and therefore an overhaul of "undemocratic and unjust decision making bodies," was long overdue.

There too, he refused to mention any names, like The World Bank or the IMF; however, those two organizations immediately came to mind, anyway.

With the second subject, he has found an opportune time to arbitrarily assume the title role of "the defender of the poor" around the world. CRIKEY! What a surprise.

Yet, all that was done to camouflage his own difficulties back in Iran, where the economy was in shambles; and his position as president was still in question, whether the election that brought him into power for the second time was rigged, just as the first.

In other words, his own political survival was at stake; and he would depend on being able to develop a nuclear bomb, (or at least an IED of it), to indicate to his fellow countrymen that his regime has taken Iran to a new level, militarily, of course, by ushering it (Iran) into the nuclear age, and thus making it an International force to reckon with. (A wondrous achievement; wouldn't that be).

The proof of that assumption was in his statement, when he first arrived to attend the 2010 U.N. General Assembly; when he said, "the future belongs to Iran," and that "the United States must recognize his nation 'is a big power'."; quote, unquote.

He realizes everywhere he turns, he is on slippery ground; even in "his own neck of the woods", where the elite in society forms a formidable opposition, as far as his regime is concerned; in addition to the fact that his U.N. audience was being wary of his radical views.

All of his remarks, whether he is aware or not, unequivocally give him away.

He surmises he wants a nuclear free world, and yet, he advocates the annihilation of Israel by nuclearization, probably; showing how unstable and insecure the man is.

He cannot choose to be pleasant to his neighbors, as he is testing missiles for war; but here in New York City, he is clamoring for a world without "the bomb"; a precarious stance to please, perhaps the U.S. and members of what is termed "the nuclear club", which is determined to reject him.

Or to tantalize the Ayatollahs in Iran, whose views are, most of the time, at variance with the rest of the world. He wants to have it both ways, so to speak.

The message he brought with him to The U.N. General Assembly was fraught with so much confusion, and a whole lot of misinformation; indicating his political life was at its ebb.

In the end, there was every indication that, he has been "able to fool all the people some of the time," and "even fool some of the people all the time,"; but he could not "fool all the people all the time.", with his negative speeches to The U.N. General Assembly members, and his wry and warn-out answers to, at least, the American public, watching him on television.

Ahmadinejad, an unwelcome guest to the club.

P.S. (IED: improvised explosive device).


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