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UN Warns Nuclear Weapons Agreement with Iran is Moot

Updated on October 30, 2013

It has been well over a year since the first dire warnings that Iran will get a nuclear bomb. Since that time, basically, nothing has been done except idle threats of military force and US sanctions, that have worked and brought Iran to Geneva for meetings.

President Obama is such a eager person to reach an agreement with Iran over this issue, it is really is pathetic. He is just trying to save face for his wishful thinking.

Now, even the UN, another pathetic organization filled with political in-fighting and hypocrisy in its decisions about where to intervene warns Obama. In its report from the IAEA (International Atomic Agency that has been inspecting etc.), it states that for the past year Iran has been doing double time in enriching nuclear material and now has excessive amounts. There were 15,416 first-generation IR-1 centrifuges at Natanz as of May 15, an increase of 1,861. These are located in three underground sites producing 3-5% nuclear fuel. According to the IAEA, Iran now has 1,008 advanced IR-2 centrifuges at Natanz, an increase of 319. These are four times faster in producing the same uranium. At Fordow, Iran continues to enrich uranium at the 20 percent U-235 level, which is closer to the needed 90% for nuclear weapons.

How much is required to make a nuclear weapon?

Between 180-250 kg of uranium is needed refined to 90% from 20% levels. While this sounds like a big jump, it is easier to do and requires less time. It requires 1000 kg of material enriched to 3-5% to make one nuclear device when enriched to 90%. So, material already enriched to 20% requires far less for a nuclear weapon.

According to the report, Iran already has refined uranium to 20% and stockpiled about 400 kg. The uranium refined to 3-5% is about 9800 kg.

So, Iran, today, now, already has enough material they can further refine to 90% for 7-8 nuclear bombs. There is nothing anyone can do about this. Of course, having the material for the weapons is one thing and having the technology and know-how to use it in a missile warhead is another, but Iran has plenty of friends that secretly would help, if they do not already know how.

Assuming Obama knows this, the only benefit had in any agreement is for Iran and the lifting of the only weapon Obama has-sanctions. Attacking the sites has already been taken off the table. Obama's only reason to negotiate is to somehow, slowdown the accumulation of Iran's enrichment capabilities, which are never transparent, anyway. It is a PR show for his legacy that has him hoping that maybe Iran-US relations will get much better.

I guess, in this case of doing too little, too late, something is better than nothing. Maybe Iran will give the dog a bone. Be happy as their enrichment acquires more material. Just wait until Iran conducts a nuclear test.

Even if an agreement is reached, it means nothing, as the UN cited. In the end, the world will have to deal with an Islamic government with nuclear weapons seeking to destroy Israel and others in their way.


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

      The US has dithered as its economy is not strong to sustain another war. Obama's background shows he does not want war,yet leave a legacy behind. I am afraid he will fail.