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Southeast Bexar County Awareness: ESD#6: Volunteer Fire Departments No Longer Battling Fires in Southern Bexar County

Updated on June 6, 2015

Local Volunteer Firefighters a thing of the past

Souhtern Bexar County Fire
Souhtern Bexar County Fire | Source

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ESD#6 Maked Volunteers Lives a Misery

The volunteer fire departments in Emergency Service District #6 were continually under stress by the actions of board president, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn and the board as a whole. Drama, such as, Ms. Mendelsohn and the attorney for the ESD#6, Louis T. Rosenberg, got into a shouting match with the South Bexar Fire and Rescue firefighters over the boards insistence on not making a payment on their fire truck. According to South Bexar, their contract stated that said payment would be made by the ESD#6 as they had always done. According to Ms. Mendelsohn, as she had been doing since she took over the board, she had them on a wait and see system, refusing to pay unless she could lien the vehicle.

All this bickering and uncertainty while Texas had little or no rainfall and the state had reached one of the highest alert levels for wildfire danger was non-productive when it came to the safety of the community. Chief Farinacci of AtaBexar VFD arrived from her regular job just long enough to change her clothing and leave to fight a wildfire that had begun just minutes before. She was up til early morning fighting a fire, only to have her crew head out again several hours later for another fire.

The community of Southeast Bexar County had been put at great risk with shortness of funds; then came an out of control fire that destroyed six homes, 16 cars and several animals perished. While there was one individual believed to be missing, a blessing came when he was found.After the courageous volunteer firefighters from South Bexar County contained the fire; the community members could return to their homes. The volunteer firefighters once again did their job with very little rest and very little money to replace and or repair the equipment they used or damaged during this enormous undertaking. This community was lucky because they had a group of strong and dedicated men and women who volunteered to see that their homes and community were kept safe, they might not be so lucky tomorrow.

As in other emergencies, the Southside ISD opened it's gymnasium at the 9th grade Academy for an evacuation shelter and sent it's counselors to aid those community members in need. Proving once again, that the ESD#6 expense on a community/evacuation center was not a needed expense during a time of crisis. Had the entire area needed to be evacuated. The $6 million dollar structure could have barely handled 300 people.

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Emergency Service District #6

A markerAdministrative Bldg. -
2220 South Loop 1604 East, San Antonio, TX 78221, USA
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  • profile image

    Mad as Hell 6 years ago

    I have found out there are several public servants' organization that are very much less than thrilled with Chico and are rallying against him for the 2012 elections. I'm tempted to contact them and start working with them to try to defeat this absolutely useless waste of air and space, ie. Chico! I think the VFDs would do well to align with these organizations as well. There is strength in numbers.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Yes ma'am it would. It is my understanding that the community members of the Crossland Fire are upset and may be at the meeting for the ESD6 this evening at 6pm. at their unmarked office on 1604 S. As for the County Commissioner of Precinct #1, Chico Rodriguez is out in full force with his signs in his neighborhood, which I happened to drive through yesterday. I was amazed at how many signs he had out there, but not many anywhere else.

  • profile image

    Mad as Hell 6 years ago

    God help South Bexar County if we should experience a fire similar to Bastrop. Even at 1/2 the size it would completely devastate this area and ESD 6 would be overwhelmed with having to deny so much reimbursement to the fire stations! Please, Please Please, let's get back on the petition!!! Plus I think we should start a second petition to present to the County Commissioners asking for a recall and removal of every one of those bozos sitting on ESD 6. No, they probably won't remove anyone off of the board, but it is another media opportunity and it's another message sent to Chico that we are not going to sit idly by and ignore this situation. AND 2012 is coming up quicker than any of us realize. Please, God, let someone with some kind of sense run against Chico!!!!