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Updated on July 23, 2012

Was it at all necessary?

America has suffered another unnecessary tragedy, with James Holmes shooting and killing 12 people in cold blood on a day they least expected to die.

They have assembled in a movie theater to watch a film titled "The Dark Knight Rises". They were just friends, family members and strangers out to enjoy the night by simply going to The Century 16 movie house early Friday July, 20th for mere entertainment.

All of a sudden, and to their dismay, an unknown person appeared from nowhere and started to shoot at them; and for what, only heaven could tell.

They were young men and women, and even children, some of whose lives have been cut short, and others have been wounded and would remain in hospitals for days and even months from now for their recuperation, if they would recuperate.

It saddened the hearts of people to see family members consoling each other and holding one another in an embracing mode to comfort and calm their hearts and minds, after such a mischievous event that should not have happened.

... and the scene was not just in the United States, but from all across the world; in Syria and Iraq, with so much bloodshed being so common and needless.

When would all that stop? Wasn't there a way to make people realize that killing each other and maiming others were inhumane as well as inhuman?

Wars and murders have become an everyday occurrence and people have become used to them; but their minds continued to ask, when would all that subside?

However, there were no easy answers or whether the world was learning anything the hard way from such atrocities.

There was no denying that tempers may fray, and anger would rise between people, but killing was, and has never been the answer to any type of controversy. The outcome was sometimes even worse, when families have lost a father or a mother or a son or a child or children...... and lives have been destroyed for no reason that deserved for anyone to die.

The heart break of those things did not affect only a few, but whole communities, towns and cities felt it too; and even the world at large could not escape the pain and suffering that their fellow human beings were going through. Spilling or shedding of human blood was unnatural; and shouldn't that be common knowledge?

No one could blame the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, because they were there just to see a show; but the question should be asked about how the incident should have happened, and not even the authorities have an answer to that.

It could only be that, ordinary people should pay attention to what was going on around them, in their communities, cities and towns; and for that matter, what was causing the whole world so much trouble and agony, whose end was never in sight.

Guns were made to kill; but for killing other things, such as animals for food, and not for turning them on ourselves.

The nations of the world should think of offering roses and not guns, to settle their differences; and that would spread to places like Aurora, Colorado; U.S.A.


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