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Updated on May 27, 2011

A shameful network.

We all love America, including members of the media, of course; however, one network seems to have packed its personnel with dinosaur type of people, who do not know that the world is changing, socially, economically and politically all around.

They can see what is happening in the world, but they cannot analyze events by conforming to a simple ideological sense, that as history unfolds itself, so do moods or emotions of all the people involved in its (history's) sway; as there must be what is usually referred to as "change", and that nothing can remain the same forever.

The United States only recently voted for the first time an African-American as its president; a phenomenon that has taken the world by surprise. A new day has dawned on a nation that has thrived on slavery, for without it, there might have been a different nation or country or no nation or country at all.

In other words the United States has been born on the backs of slaves; but after its own revolution and civil war, it has developed into the most powerful nation on earth through agriculture, industry and technology.

However, its black population never seems to have evolved or "metamorphosed" as its other groups of people solely because of their color; though they have borne their share of the burden to make America what it is today.

Now, one has to surmise that there has been a spiritual change to make the election of an African-American possible; an experiment that shows a change of heart in the children of those that are responsible for bringing Africans to the Americas as slaves, and therefore he must be given a chance to prove himself worthy; and by doing so, to bring his down trodden people along with him into the new atmosphere of political change and social acceptance in America.

Yet, nay! One channel or network has set aside programs to rail against him everywhere he turns. Its workers have maligned him in his efforts to bring America out of an abysmal economic downturn, since the Great Depression in the 1930s; and there seems to be no end of their plans to remove him from office; thus upsetting the great experiment going on before the eyes of the world; even as we speak (or type).

However, America is a free country, and everyone has the right to do or say what is on his or her mind. Therefore, to be critical of the nation's leader within the boundaries of the country itself will be considered as politically correct; but not when he is outside on a foreign land doing his nation's work.

It must be realized that he is a volunteer and has sacrificed himself to be on the forefront of the nation's affairs; to fight and even die, just as a military man, for his country; therefore, he must be allowed to do the best he humanly can for all the people who really love America; and to criticize him on every single turn, as it is being done by a TV network, is rather not fair at all.

He is the epitome of what America stands for; the land of opportunity for all; with African Americans in tow, inspite of all those who want to reverse America's political, social and economic trends and advancement back into the Jim Crow laws era.

P.S. Shame on you, channel...., for unnecessary criticism.


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    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      I suspect you're talking about the Fox News Channel. But anyway, Obama is the president and when someone holds that office, constant criticism comes with the territory. I mean, like, were you around when Ronald Reagan was president? For eight years, the media slammed that guy time-and-time again, but he withstood it.

      If fact, it's good for a president to be criticized for he is not our leader. He is our servant. We, the people, are charge are in charge of the country. Not some politician or group of politicians.

    • Miss Info profile image

      Miss Info 6 years ago from New York City

      I understand your point, but I believe that you have fallen under a grave misconception of the US - the misconception that African Americans are "incapable".

      African Americans are not a "down-trodden people" - as you imply. Like every other race or culture, some African Americans choose to go astray. Most African Americans do fight systemization and live decently in the US, but the media doesn't publicize this at all for fear of a "screeching machine".

      By the way, there are many channels that bask in their ignorant disapproval of the President. Which one exactly were you referring to??