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Updated on September 20, 2013


The US human rights department report issued in 2001 showed that there were incidences in the UAE involving allegations of human rights abuses, intolerance, social and political injustices and total lack of democracy.

This labelling of UAE as a human rights abuser by America and other European countries has sparked concern among the Emiratis about this perspective. These are indeed viewed as strong allegations and the affirmation of the same by an internationally respected organ such as the European parliament on the basis of unsubstantiated claims have made us to wonder what the real intentions of these westerns are. Looking the situation at another angle, it can as well be argued that the unwillingness of the UAE to have closer ties with the Western countries may have sparked these phenomena.

Interestingly, there have been no major complaints by Emiratis themselves on these issues. It should be noted that majority of the Emiratis are satisfied with their government and what takes place at the Middle East nation. This is because the government is known for its policy of tolerance even towards citizens of foreign nations and its’ endeavour at creating quality life on her citizens. Even though there are some sections of the populace unsatisfied with the government and its operations, majority of the opponents consists of members who are of foreign dissidents or receive support from some neighbours who are enemies of UAE.

We must admit that there are some activists in the nation seeking more democracy rights or other types of governance where there would be political parties. Such activists assert that they want democracy as a right to elect their own leaders. But we can not take wrong initiatives which we know will ruin our nation. Although this system is embraced by many nations including Europeans countries, it should be noted that it has not always been successful in many nations. The UAE however does not show intolerance to such group’s operations as pacified, provided that they follow regulations. Allowing the formation of political and social parties is feared to encourage emergence of radical Islamic fundamentals. Furthermore, in UAE we have clear structures for individuals to express themselves or in addressing their concerns to the government. The UAE ensures that all it citizens are equally represented in the governance mechanism.

Some of these allegations arose following the governments’ move in dealing aggressively with Islamic movements. This reactions have painted the UAE has being intolerant towards opposition movements. However, such movements including Islah and other brotherhood groups have been known with spreading radical Ideologies, practising illegal acts and even planning to overthrow the government. Their own confession after their arrests confirmed the same. Islah and other Muslim brotherhood movements are among the groups found to receive support from nations including Egypt and Qatar, which has no good relation with UAE. This is what mandated the government to intensify its crack down which lead to subsequent arrests and deploying foreign citizens that were found to be committing felonies back to their country. The intention here is to protect the government and the UAE citizens.

With exemption of a few Isolated cases which are often exaggerated by the international media. We can not find labour rights violations in our country. The intention of the government in allowing workers to form unions was to curb workers rights violations.

The UAE is known for taking a proactive approach in protecting foreign dissidents who are in the country for work purposes. For these workers, the government ensures that they are paid accordingly depending on their terms of agreement with the employer. The government also ensures that the salaries or wages are commensurate with their work. Work and living environment for these workers is also considered. The government has set up mechanisms to take a regular check-up in terms of Work standards and environment regulations for such workers.

In looking for better ways of enhancing these workers’ protection, the UAE collaborated with the Asian countries in addressing this situation effectively.

Another concern that has featured in global Media headlines is the issue of prostitution; however, many of the prostitutes do not appear to be originating from this country. The recent government in sending off prostitutes affiliated to other countries is an effort at curbing the same. These prostitutes are of Ethiopian and Russian origins.


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