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U.S. Army Cyber Command...Friend or Foe?

Updated on January 16, 2015

Everywhere you look on the internet, you will find conspiracy after conspiracy. Some may have a viable message, but the majority are just people starting a fear mongering among other people.

I had run across a few websites when I was researching about the military and Puerto Rico. Most of these posts were from 3+ years ago. They were about a "massive" military buildup in Puerto Rico. Supposedly some people saw these military figures bringing in body bags and other heavy equipment. They were claiming something was going to happen. Nothing has yet.

Some of the same people that make these websites claim that our military will be used against us. That Obama may declare martial law and have the military become our prison guards.

I must admit, I laugh very hard at this notion.

I have many friends at different levels in the military. If you were to mention this to many of them, they would also probably laugh. You see, if they were ordered to go against their own citizens, many of them would rebel.

No, it really isn't as simple as conspiracy theorists seem to make it.

We are going to delve into a somewhat new division of our Armed Forces in this hub. It is the United States Army Cyber Command.

At the end of this hub, I will ask you your thoughts. Are they our friend or our foe? Let's move on and you can be the judge...

Free use as this was taken by a person hired by our U.S. Military. It is in the public domain.
Free use as this was taken by a person hired by our U.S. Military. It is in the public domain.

U.S. Cyber Command Leader

The Commander of the United States Cyber Command is Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon. He is a top-rated leader and takes his position seriously.

I am not going to go through his entire biography. I just want to explain that he has served in our Army for quite a few years and has defended us from those who have intentions of harming us.

I doubt that he has a mission against his own people.

The Information U.S. Army Cyber Command Provides

This United States Army division is here to help and protect us.

Daily, many people throughout our nation use the internet freely. There are controls against the manipulations of children, but for the most part, you are free to make and control websites that can say words that are against certain divisions of the government. If you develop a website speaking against the U.S. Cyber Command, it will not be taken down.

If you try to make websites or even speak against a government entity in many other countries, your website will be taken down immediately, and you may find yourself sitting in a cold, dark prison cell, or even in front of a firing squad.

The U.S. Cyber Commands website even provides protective links within for citizens free use. You can click the cyber awareness link at the top and there is information that will help you be just a little safer on the world wide web. The majority of this is made for United States Army soldiers and families, but there is material that can help you learn the risks of being connected to the internet.

You will also find news that relates to cyber warfare and protection. Also, they work directly with to give internet safety awareness to those seeking it.

My question is: would the United States Army provide all of this information out in the open if they were our enemy? If they were out to "take over" they would keep all of this private.

We Need Them

Below, I am putting an info-graphic that shows the cyber attacks that have been occurring.

We need every form of defense possible against cyber warfare. That is why U.S. Cyber Command was activated.

They are not put there to be offensive against the American people. They are there to be both offensive and defensive against outside forces trying to destroy our internet structure within the United States.

The ones who would claim they are trying to spy on them, may have reason to be spied on. If you are creating malware or viruses, you essentially are an enemy of the American people. If you are using your computer to commit fraud against others, you too, are an enemy of the American people.

used by permission
used by permission | Source

Cyber Warfare In the United States

U.S. Army Cyber Command is not the only cyber force in the United States. We also have:

  • Air Force Cyber Command
  • Fleet Cyber Command
  • Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command

Stuxnet Virus

Friends or Foes

Do you think U.S. Cyber Forces are friends or foes?

See results

Defending Against...

We must all realize that we need these units. They are protecting against potential threat that have and can attack our way of life. Just consider some of the attacks that have been made like:

Every single day, every single hour, there is a group that is trying to attack through cyber means. It is a whole different war than guns and tanks. It is a war of minds and technology. It is a war that makes the game of chess seem like playing checkers.


You have the right to distrust them, but don't just assume that everyone is going to feel the same way.

We need these cyber divisions. There is war going on. The war is to steal our information and technology.

Personally, I am going to trust that are nation is still great and does truly care about her people. I believe that the people in charge are not out to destroy our economy or our way of life. I don't believe that killing off the population is a goal of theirs.

You see, the government needs us, and yes, we need them too.

I have spoken out against many governmental agendas, but overall, I support the government of the United States. I endorse all the cyber warfare departments and divisions we have. We need this protection.

Now that this is said, I welcome all comments either for or against. Please keep it clean and decent, but speak your mind.

Do you believe our cyber divisions are friends or foes?

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 4 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Thanks for your input billy. Have a great weekend.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I wish I trusted the military more but I don't. :)

      Have a great weekend Greg and my best to your bride.