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US Constitution on life support - Part one

Updated on April 6, 2015

Liberty under assault! 1st amendment.

Our Constitutional rights are being taken away from us. Don't think so? Let me lay it out for you, then i'll ask again. First amendment, freedom of speech, religion, press, freedom to peacefully assemble, and freedom to petition government. Let's start with petitioning. The White House does have a area on their website where anyone can sign petitions posted by concerned citizens on a variety of issues. I'll give them that. Freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech, has suffered quite a bit during Obama's time in office. The Federal Government seems to think that they can designate roped off, "free speech zones", to dictate where groups of people protest. Who can forget these free speech zones during the showdown at Bundy Ranch? I watched that whole event in utter disbelief at what I was seeing. I thought anywhere inside our own border, was a free speech zone. I don't remember any restrictions on free speech in the first amendment. Matter of fact, I don't remember any restrictions imposed on Americans at all, in the Constitution at all. Maybe that is because the Constitution places restrictions on the government, so it does not use its power to take away the freedoms of American citizens. Let's move on to freedom of religion, that's right, freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion, as many of our liberal friends like to say so often. I'm going to make a very important statement right now, that is 100% factual, and will make your liberal friends' head explode. The words, "Separation of Church and State" do not appear in the Constitution, nor do they appear in the Declaration of Independence, or any other documents that were written around the time our country was founded. Those words were found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, to the Danbury Baptists, in which he voiced concern regarding their religious liberty being violated by their state legislature. So, the next time your liberal friend throws that line at you, just ask them to show you where that is stated in the Constitution, and watch the panic set in. Next we will cover freedom of the press. Let's just start by saying that Obama has a press conference, about as often as we see a Blood Moon. The press is irritated, and they just recently gave the White House a list of demands, regarding access to the President. I'm sure the "most transparent government in American history" can meet their demands.

The assault continues! 2nd amendment

It is no secret, that Obama wants our guns. He and Eric Holder have been hell bent on using every tool at their disposal to demonize gun owners, in an attempt to gain public support for banning of weapons, in the name of, "stopping the violence". This statement is not only ridiculous, it is not grounded in anything close to reality. Gun free zones, are wide open targets for mass shootings. State, local, and Federal government buildings, and surrounding property, are usually deemed "gun free zones", along with some private businesses. These are the locations where mass shootings occur. The 4-5 minutes it takes for law enforcement to arrive at the scene, gives the shooter/shooters time to take out everyone, and get a mile down the road. Why would we not empower individuals to protect themselves in real time? Given this absurd argument for disarming American citizens, it leaves one to wonder, what is the intent, when pushing gun control? Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, the Caesars of the Roman Empire, and even the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were able to control the masses, because they kept from them, the tools that would make a revolution possible, and successful. Soviet citizens were legally able to carry until 1929, when that right was abolished. Joseph Stalin was part of soviet leadership at this point in time. He did not rule Russia until 1941. With this power, he would round up, tens of millions of his own people, to condemn them to death camps. Stalin once said,"If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves". The revocation of ones right to defend themselves, leads to mass genocide. History shows us this, time after time. Self defense is great, but the 2nd amendment, has a purpose, the original purpose of keeping the government in check, and discouraging a jump to a totalitarian regime, that happens to assume power. One of the major pushes by our government recently, to slow down the sale of firearms, is referred to as Operation Choke Point. This is a scheme spearheaded by Holder's DOJ, in which they coerce banks that provide financial services to gun dealers and other so called, "suspicious" businesses into terminating their agreements with these businesses, using the threat of exposing said bank to more scrutiny by regulators, causing unnecessary headaches for lenders, due to.the need for additional regulatory compliance. The 2nd amendment is the only reason why we are still America. The ease with which an unruly executive could seize control of everything, with an unarmed populace, is downright scary. The right to bear arms, has its roots in preventing a tyrannical government, from committing atrocities toward the citizens. This original purpose is still very relevant, even in modern society. It is natural for human beings, more specifically politicians, to eventually develop a thirst for power. This is precisely why we need a Constitution, to keep these human emotions, and desires in check, by putting forth a moral, ethical doctrine that is only open to change, through the amendment process.

Part two next week!

I have covered some of the violations, by the Federal Government, regarding the 1st and second amendment. Next week, I will continue with this topic, highlighting the violations of our 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights, and how they are affecting America. Some of these power grabs came by way of congressional approval, via bills like the NDAA. So, check back next week for part two on this topic.

Gun control

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