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US Deadbeat Donor to UN?

Updated on March 13, 2009

Let's Get Out of the UN...NOW!

What a total POS, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon is, the head lackey for the UN. He is accusing the United States of being a deadbeat donor to the United Nations. Really? The United States has always paid a disproportional amount to the UN, much more than any other nation on earth. Past payments to the UN that were held back by America was simply done because America wants to correct the unaccountability of the how the United Nations is run internally. Remember the United Nations Food for Oil Scandal? Check out some of the known UN scandals right here: and here: These scandals are just another in a long list of reasons that the United States should get out of the UN, but that's not going to happen with Barack Obama as President is it? He believes we should increase our financial support of the UN. Who is going to be paying the increase?....the easily manipulated American citizen, again, of course! Over the years since the UN was created during WWII, America's role in the UN went from leader to sycophant sugar daddy to all the tyrannical despots and dictators who run just about every third world country on the planet. Americans fund, through our UN dues, futile programs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for tyrants who continue to kill their unarmed citizens as the UN wants everyone disarmed including all American citizens. Why would we be funding crap like that? Americans also send in their very disproportional dues to the UN so that all of the the UN entrenched leaders in New York City can live lives of luxury and make sure their family members get cushy UN jobs, too. This is more UN crap that Americans pay for. What a total CLUSTER *UCK the UN is. Want to know what our federal government might look like in the future?...just look at how the UN is run today, this will give a person an accurate glimpse of what our own government could look like in the not too distant future...unless we get out of the UN. But...that is not going to happen as how could this world government enslaving organization function without the money from American citizens who are slowly becoming enslaved themselves by believing the UN is a wonderful organization and needs our support...only our financial support, that is. And...why is Barack Obama calling for more financial support of the UN while America is in extreme financial peril and many American citizens are struggling just to survive right now? It's beyond belief, isn't it?

 Yours in liberty, CB-CAN-DO


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