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US Drone in Iranian Hands

Updated on December 14, 2011

Alarming News for USA

The Iranians have announced they have captured a US made drone on a spy mission over Iran. The USA says that the plane malfunctioned and landed in Iran. The Iranian claim can be dismissed as mere propaganda, as Iran never had the technology to either jam the operating systems or shoot it down. But the fact is that the drone is in Iranian hands and that must be a sore point with the USA. The American claim is also suspect as in case the drone had malfunctioned it would have crash landed and got destroyed. It is possible the Drone lost height due to some technical problems and then the Iranians could somehow get it down from a lower height. This must be alarming for the USA.

The USA has acknowledged that the Drone is in Iranian hands and President Obama has announced that the USA is pressing Iran to return the Drone. The Iranians have refused and announced that they will not return the plane as it is a ‘symbol of aggression. Latest news items indicate that the Iranian scientists are studying the Drone and trying to do reverse engineering to get a similar product on the line. This also is beyond Iranian capability, but there is a good chance that Iran may rope in the Chinese and the Russians for help in consideration of a vast pay off. Whether the Russians and Chinese will play ball is the moot question.

But a bigger question is for the USA to look inwards. How did the Drone fall into Iranian hands? Was there a leak in the command structure? This is possible with a fifth column operating in the US army as brought out by the massacre at Fort Hood. The Americans will have to pull up their socks and look inwards.


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