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U.S. Election Day 2012: Romney or Obama?

Updated on November 6, 2012

Election Day

Voting is the American Way

If you are an American, then you should be well aware that today (11/06/12) is the day to vote.

Today Americans decide which path this country will take.

You can pick the Democrat, Barack Obama, or the Republican, Mitt Romney.

One Republican and One Democrat

Mitt Romney (left) and Barack Obama (right)
Mitt Romney (left) and Barack Obama (right)

NY POST Front Page


NY Post endorsement

"Scrape it down to bedrock, and Mitt Romney knows that there is but one issue in this campaign: America's woeful economy, and the demonstrated inability of President Obama to cope with it.

Obama says he inherited the mess, but he's done nothing to fix it. Borrow, spend, regulate and redistribute is not a prescription for sustainable growth, yet that has been the totality of his program."

What Choice is There?

Is there really a choice this election day 2012?

Of course there is.

You should vote for the candidate that is a real leader, for the man that will not blame others for his own mistakes in office.

One candidate wants to take more from all people in the form of taxation under the guise that the poor will now receive healthcare. He wants to tax every American and use our tax dollars to pay for abortions, and give American dollars to countries full of people that hate us and want to kill us. He has increased our deficit by 1 Trillion each year in office, but said he would cut the U.S. debt in half. Four more years of this candidate and expect to see a debt close to $20 Trillion. Four more years and expect to see many more freedoms stripped from us, like the right to bear arms, for example.

The other candidate wants to get us back on track, fix the economy, and repeal the biggest piece of legislation that has violated American rights. He has a proven track record of fixing businesses that have been broke, and getting them on the right track. He wants to see us energy independent, and to see our nation prosper.

Any American with their eyes open can see that the last four years have been a disaster.

It's the year 2012 people. Bush is no longer President. So why is the economy still his fault?

The answer is: It's not.

Mitt Romney made it very clear that he will not do anything to increase the national debt, while keeping the tax rate low. Day 1 he will repeal Obamacare -- the biggest violation of our constitutional rights as Americans that anyone has ever seen. Let's see how ridiculous it was: Nobody could even know what was in the legislation until it was passed.

Nancy Pelosi Candidly Admits Something Scary

Tebow Tweets


Only One Candidate is Right

Mitt Romney has the most experience turning failed businesses around. Our economy is failing. And since Bush is no longer here to fix it, and the current President says it is still his fault, looks like the ship is sinking.

When the economy is failing and no one can afford to do anything, it doesn't make sense to raise taxes on the lower and middle class. It doesn't make sense to tax us with Obamacare for doing absolutely nothing.

The only way to get this nation back on track is to elect a President that knows how to lead us as a nation.

Vote today for a real leader.

Working on the Golf Game as POTUS

More Golf, Mr. President?

The economy is in shambles, yet the President has plenty of time to play golf. But he did put the golf game on hold when it was time for debate prep before debating Mitt Romney.

Breibart shares that the President has spent 600 hours playing golf, compared to 412 hours in economic meetings of any kind.

Should we re-elect Obama so he can play golf, or so he can fix the economy?


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    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

      my pleasure my friend. I do at times prefer to keep my opinions to myself. But on this occasion I feel who runs the United States will impact on the entire world's population. We need someone with a greater degree of competence than Obama.

    • zeke2100 profile image

      zeke2100 5 years ago

      Thank you Safiq. Your comment is most appreciated.

    • safiq ali patel profile image

      safiq ali patel 5 years ago from United States Of America

      I could not agree with you more. Obama's rather sedate and soft approach to the economy has been a disaster. Four more years of Obama I dare say will not directly spur economic growth in the United States or overseas. I seriously doubt Barrack Obama's ability to lead the Great United States. I feel his background compromises his suitability for office. I think another Obama term will lead to four more years of dragging heels and shots in the dark.

      Whereas if Mitt Romney were elected I believe he knows finance and business very well and I seriously am convinced that Romney will spark growth and boom in America again. He has a business background and some relevant know how on how to fix America's long term financial problems.

      I for these and some other reasons I would like Mit Romney to win the American Presidential elections. Obama could sleepwalk us into depression and war. Under Obama governments have collapsed in the middle east and the world over we are paying more for food and energy than ever before. Enough is enough.