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US Election No-Brainer: Hilary Clinton Should Win The Next Presidential Election

Updated on September 11, 2016

Hilary or Trump for president?


Hilary or Trump for president?

The U.S. election campaign has been fascinated to watch. The two candidates on offer have been deciding the electorate in a really negative way. The one candidate on paper is an experienced politician who has been in the White House before so knows the ins and outs of diplomacy. She can walk into the role of President without skipping a beat. The other candidate on paper is also a great candidate in that he is a successful businessman who has raised very smart and successful children.

However, the reality is that Hilary Clinton is not well-liked, she has been caught backtracking on a few of her views and policies. The other has been making the most outrageous comments which seem almost unbecoming of the next President of the United States.

Hilary Clinton may no be well-liked but at least in her there is confidence that she is aware of the limitations of the office of President, so she has possibly back-tracked where she realised that she would never be able to deliver. On the other hand, Donald Trump seems to be making claims and promises that can really not be accomplished. His promise of a wall that will divide the US and Mexico and thereby help control illegal immigration is by far more impossible than Barack Obama's rash promise to close Guantanamo Bay detention center when he won his first term of office. He's about to leave office and this still hasn't.

The U.S. election is really for Hilary Clinton to lose. If Donald Trump wins it will be because not enough people were compelled to go out and vote for Hilary Clinton. Her campaign team have to step it up and reach those people who really don't want Donald Trump to represent their interests as President.

It seems almost impossible that after the Obama wave hit America that there is another election campaign that is having such an impact on the U.S. But as they say in the movies, Only In America ...

So, watch this space, it will be a bumpy but very exiting ride ...

Hilary vs Trump

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