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Us Election Primaries: Looks Like Game Over for Bernie Sanders

Updated on March 18, 2020
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An senior air warrior and political observer who has the pulse of the region and can sense a change when it comes.

Bernie at the end of the Road

The American election scenario is getting hotter as the Democrats narrowed down to the choice of the man who will oppose Donald Trump. As things stand Joe Biden with dominating wins in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, has moved closer to the magic figure of 1991, the number of delegates required to secure the nomination. Once the polls closed several US media outlets projected that Joe Biden will be the winner.

It appears it was an easy victory for him and the voters made their choice very clear. It's also a rejection of the socialist policies being propagated by Bernie Sanders. In all probability, the voters decided that Sanders with his socialist approach was not the right man to field against Trump. One will recollect that in India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru tried a socialist stunt for 17 years and in the bargain sent the Indian economy down the drain. Socialism is a good thing to talk about but in my view is not practical. Bernie Sanders had the support of a lot of young men and woman but then I think he's reached the end of the road. The fact that he is 78 would probably be curtains for him and his political life.

Bernie, however, is a tenacious contender. He may be seeing a ray of hope as the Democratic primary contest has entered into a state of suspended animation. This is because a growing list of states has announced their plans to delay the primary until June. Bernie Sanders will be hoping that he can bounce back. In addition, a handful of recent polls show that Biden's lead is narrowing and Sanders will be hoping that with the looming economic collapse the voters will see that they need sweeping reforms and plump for him.

Winner Takes All

The present lead of Joe Biden appears insurmountable for Sanders but the Vermouth senator hasn't given up and will be hoping that the delay will give the Democratic voters in the remaining states a chance to reconsider their choice.

One thing is very clear that Bernie Sanders has not been able to influence the Democratic voters. It contrasts Joe Biden has appeared more confident and decisive. Sanders will be upset that he has lost five of the six contests last week. To my mind, there is little opportunity for him to storm the box now.

Sanders is going to face growing calls from many Democrats requesting that he gracefully bow out. As I have said he's a tenacious man and one will recollect that in the 2014 fight against Hillary he did not throw in the towel till the last moment much to the chagrin of many Hilary supporters.

Sanders will probably run to the last mile for the simple reason that this is his last chance at a crack at the US presidential election. He will be 82 next time and I don't think his socialistic policies are going to appeal four years hence. In any case time is not on his side.

Last Word

The die seems to have been cast in favor of Joe Biden. Joe is the Democratic front runner in the Democratic race now. On the Republican side, Donald Trump is as good as anointed as the candidate of the GOP. It will be interesting to watch how Joe Biden will take on Donald Trump, who has the advantage of being the incumbent president and as we have seen in the last 25 years, the man in the hot seat has always won. The former vice president is 77 and this like Bernie Sanders will be his last chance for a crack at the presidency. It's not going to be easy. To my mind, he has nothing much to offer for America. I don't mind being proved wrong on this. On my last visit to the United States which I visit frequently the general feeling was that Trump has got a committed vote bank and though he may lose the popular vote he will still win. I do not know whether this will happen.


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