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US Flag vs. Cinco de Mayo

Updated on September 19, 2014

Banned on May 5

In case you didn't know about this story, I'll post the a couple news story links. I'm not here to focus on the events leading up to the ban, rather to talk about the ban itself. Quite frankly, this could could involve any pubic property and any banning of the US flag and my opinion would still be the same. If you are offended by the American flag, even if someone is hoping to make a statement against you with it, I have absolutely no sympathy for you. Unless they tied you up with the flag or burned one on your property, then please stop wasting everyone's time with being offended by the sight of flag of the country you are in. Banning something as obviously patriotic as the flag for any reason is just as good as kowtowing to whoever is louder at being a self proclaimed victim. It's always much easier to deal with the people it's easier to say no to, rather than confront the real problem.

Where does it end?

Let's go with their logic for just a minute here and say that it was the right thing to do because they feared for the students safety. Then what if the Hispanic students were offended the next day? Do they win again? What if they didn't want to ever see a US flag anywhere? Would the school just take them all down? What if they were offended by English, doing homework, or students who wore short sleeves? Where does this stupidity end? If it was all about safety, no matter how ridiculous the reasoning was, then it must apply to everything. Clearly we would think that makes no sense, just as does banning the US flag on Cinco de Mayo out of safety concerns. It's one thing to have this flimsy rationalization about safety, but then to not take that same logic and apply it uniformly is embarrassing. Even so, how can one not have the reaction that, in this situation, the US is taking a backseat to special interest groups?

Double standard

Here's an important question to ask to make sure there's a consistent ideology; if the white students are offended and make threats when they see a Mexican flag, would the school do the exact same thing? I doubt that very much. I would love for on Independence Day or any other day, for there to be a big uproar against seeing a foreign country's flag. Then have the media portray it as offensive for those same people to not respect the US flag and Americans. Finally, for there to be a banning of the foreign flags and everyone just accepts it. That would never happen under any circumstances. When it comes to other flags or ethnic pride, no one will ever say no to them, at least not the government. Not a chance will it ever be highly disrespectful for a foreigner to celebrate their own nationality in this country. But if you are white or want to relish in the American flag, they will shut you down if another group doesn't like it. It really gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling about how we're all going to get along with each other so well in the future...

Whoever is most offended

That seems to be a major component here. Even outside of schools, free speech and expression comes down to being permissible until someone claims they are offended, then it's over. The sad part is, we're not talking about things that would generally be considered truly offensive. No explicit language, no graphic images, no actual threats (except the ones directed at the flag wearers). Just an American flag, and someone being offended. That's enough for the courts, which are supposed to be impartial and rectify incredibly bad policies, to side against the flag. I bet all the veterans out there are disgusted. I bet most non veterans are too. Even though this ruling is only supposed to be for a public school, you really have to consider the people that want this extended for all public and maybe even private property. I can't wait for the day when someone sues their neighbor for racism after they put up an American Flag on Cinco de Mayo.

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