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Us House Censures Donald Trump as Racist After He Sounds the Election Bugle by Targeting Four Women Representatives

Updated on July 20, 2019
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MG is a keen political observer and commentator who has a ringside seat to the turbulent years of the present political scenario

The President

Donald Trump is the president of the United States since 2016. At that time he won the election defeating the democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton by polling more votes in the electoral college, though he lost the popular vote.

Three years down the line Trump will have to seek reelection in 2020 after his present term ends. The President is a man who has very strong views and ideas, some of which are not palatable to a large number of Americans. The result is that American society is polarised for and against him. Probably this polarization is to the liking of Donald Trump, as it will ensure that he gets another term in the White House.

No worthwhile opposition

He is helped by the fact that there is no worthwhile leader to oppose him in the democratic party at the moment. Trump has sounded the bugle and commenced his election campaign in earnest. he has started with an attempt to please and play to the gallery of his supporters who are basically white, Christian and from relatively the lower rung of the American economic ladder. The press has always been uncharitable to Donald Trump and even now it is trying to pick holes in his policies and utterances.

The Tweets and "the Squad"

This issue has the press going hammer and tongs for his comment about four American representatives in the house. The women representatives who are often referred to as "the Squad" are Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Talib.

These women whose ancestry can be traced to countries in Africa and South America are in the eye curtsey, Trump. Three of them are born in the United States and the 4th was born in Somalia and became an American citizen at the age of 17. This representative has commented against Israel generally appears soft on Islamic ideas.

Trump to be fair has not named any of the women but his tweets leave nobody in doubt that he has these four women on his radar. What exactly did the president tweet that brought anguish to the house of representatives?. The president in his tweet mentioned that these women need to go back to their countries from where they originally were connected and which are now in turmoil and near anarchy and solve the problems existing there and then come back and tell the Americans how they solved the problems of the countries.

it is a known fact that's Somalia and Columbia and other countries are in the grip of a civil war. Trump is very clear that America does not need anybody other than him to be at the helm of affairs in 2020. The house of representatives which is dominated by the Democratic party obviously could not allow such an idea to go and germinate further controversy so a resolution censuring the Presidents tweets as racially motivated was passed by the house with 247 to 187. The house condemned the president for what is termed as a "racial tweet."

America divided

Donald Trump won't be happy that four Republicans from his party voted in favour of the censure motion. This resolution which is only of symbolic importance and in real-time has no meaning. What the message conveys to the rest of the world is very disconcerting and means there is a big divide in American society because Congress rarely censures the sitting presidents. In this case, Donald Trump has been censured after nearly 100 years. Outside the United States, many have supported the Squad and Angela ~Merkel speaking at her annual news conference in Berlin said that she distances herself from this decidedly and stands in solidarity with the women attacked.

The four women who have been the brunt of Donald Trump comment have reacted with a low key response and have asked the people to ignore the comments of the president and concentrate on other issues like the economy.

One thing is clear that these comments of Donald Trump enthused his supporters. In an election rally in Florida, the crowd ranted " send her back". This is similar to the chant against Hillary Clinton when at a number of places the crowds used to chant "lock her up."

In my view, it cannot be faulted that these women representatives came from countries which are in a state of anarchy. However, only one of the four ( Rashida Talib) is born abroad and the other three are Americans by birth and in a way its wrong to link them to the countries.


Just after the resolution condemning the president was adopted BBC has reported that Al Green, the Democratic representative from Texas filed articles of impeachment against the President. The resolution of impeachment of the president did not go through but the very fact it was introduced is not a happy state of affairs. The last time an attempt was made to impeach the president was nearly 20 years back when Bill Clinton was almost impeached but got a reprieve at the last moment. He was accused of close relations with Monica Lewinsky-a young lady in the oval office of the White House. Many felt the president at that time has lowered the prestige of the August office.

Trump is a man with strong views he makes no bones about his likes and dislikes. As an example, he has hailed the coming to power of Boris Johnson as the prime minister of England. He has earlier called the Western alliance obsolete and has also supported Russia's reentry in the G7 conclave. He is the first President who has named Pakistan for supporting terrorism.

Obama was neither flamboyant nor decisive in a number of matters. One cannot deny that Trump in a number of incidents has belled the cats and killed the bulls as seen by his actions against ~Iran and China. He has shaken these two countries to the core.

Trump at rally in Florida
Trump at rally in Florida

Last Word

Trump may not be a racist but he is an astute man and knows that if he has to win the election in 2020 he has to pander to his vote bank which to a degree believes in white supremacy. The net result is that the 2020 election may divide America. The last time this happened was during the era of Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam war.

The four women representatives are keeping a low profile but Kamala Harris one of the contenders for the nomination from the democratic party and Nancy Pelosi the house speaker have taken up cudgels against Trump. The Democratic leaders will find it hard to counter the committed vote bank of Trump and like the last election despite the popular vote going against him, Trump may still romp home because of the constitution of the electrical college.


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