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U.S., Israel, U.K Knew of Iran's Nuclear Bomb Tests But Sworn to Secrecy

Updated on July 11, 2011

This one I don't understand. It speaks of hypocrisy in government. On June 29th, British Foreign Secretary William Hague finally had had enough and broke the silence. The secret agreement between Russia's Vladimir Putin, President Obama, Israel and the UK. The Iranians had tested four between October 2010 and February 2011 and the last on June 28, during the Prophet Mohammed war games.

With each test that has been a success, they fine tune the accuracy of the nuclear missiles. Yet, the world's leaders remained silent. Russia first found out about the tests in October, 2010, and they conveyed the info secretly to the parties. Putin then made the leaders swear to secrecy. Putin then went to Iran's leaders and informed them that the West will not do anything or say anything about the tests IF Iran did the same. So, Iran now has tested two types of missiles, each can carry nuclear warheads: the Shahab-3 Kadar and the Sejjil – both powered with solid fuel and having a maximum range of 2,510 kilometers.

Time is moving fast and soon Iran will be able to threaten any country within that range. That is a VERY strong political weapon.

This secret agreement seems like a really idiot thing to agree to on the part of the US and Israel, what exactly did we get out of the deal? Just the fact that Iran would not brag about it and announce it to the world? The deal only benefits Iran and Russia, who built all their nuclear reactors and sells them all the technology they want for money. Its like a Cold War again for the 21st Century. Seems to me, Obama and Israel want Iran to have the weapons so they have an excuse to attack them.

Such a stupid thing to agree to.


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