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"Men and Women in the Military - Women OK To Fight On Front Lines"

Updated on July 12, 2013

Men And Women in the Military - Can Women Cut It?

Thanks to political correctness and ACLU pressure, the United States' military gave the OK for women to fight alongside their men counterparts in war time front line duty.

Women, in 2013, wrestle, box, become weightlifters, fight in mixed martial arts and play most team sports with the exception of football and hockey. Women are every bit as competitive as males, but, as one interviewed female Marine says, "we are NOT all created equal!"

She goes on to say, "after carrying 75 pounds of gear on a 10 mile hike, my legs buckled several times, and my muscles atrophied from the weight I was carrying." She could not keep pace with the men.

The US Marine Corps currently fitness tests all officers, but the females get a watered down version as compared with men. This segregated form of physical ability testing must change to a non-gender uniform fitness test standard or the new ban lift will never successfully function.

Female Navy Seal?

The tortuous and excruciating ordeals potential Seals must endure cause a dropout rate of 80%. Given the aforementioned female Marine could not survive a relatively easy hike, what makes Pentagon officials believe the female body could withstand such brutal agony?

Watching only 3 minutes of this video makes clear that NO female can cut this harsh 'tryout' without the help of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). All branches of the United States military ban drugs and this practice is strictly enforced through regular drug screening.

Men and women in the military will never be equals!

Hand To Hand Against A Man?

The idea that a champion, 5'2", 125 pound woman can out wrestle, outfight and/or out martial art a title-holding, 6'4", 250 pound male is ludicrous. This imaginary situation is exactly what female fighters will encounter on the front lines.

Matching the best women fighting or wrestling superstars against men fighting sensations in the military prove to be an exercise in futility for the women. The men will win every time given no PEDs are ingested.

A Time To Kill

Even if a female passes the Navy Seal strength and endurance trial, can a woman swiftly, and without thinking, take a life in the heat of battle? Although she is trained how to kill, can the average female take on this brutal mode of behavior? This is another question yet to be answered, but the men on the front lines must see the women fighting alongside them kill with no hesitation.

Political Correctness Has NO Place On The Battlefield

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed an objection in 2012 for four servicewomen attempting to lift the ban prohibiting women to take fighting roles on the front lines. The lawsuit was filed in a San Francisco federal court. (Wow, big surprise there - ha!)

Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta caved to the far left, mostly radical ACLU, making the statement that the ban on women fighting on the front lines is lifted on January 21, 2013.

Fighting on the front lines demands that EVERY soldier can move and respond equally well. Will this ban lift destroy male morale? It already has!

Most Marine Corps Elites believe no woman can ever become their physical equivalent. This aspect alone will affect how a male fighter will perform under pressurized, wartime conditions.

An unnamed, Marine Staff Sergeant says: "If you are a US Marine who happens to be female, and you can carry it and shoot it and hack it - to me you are just another Marine. I have no problem taking orders from women who conduct themselves as Marines. But I know guys who don't feel this way, mainly in a battlefield sense." … By Joan Soley, BBC News, Pentagon.

Panetta's throw in the towel action lit firestorms throughout the country. A huge majority of Americans think this latest disruption will continue to kill morale within the United States' military. A military 'men and women issue' that will soon feel the pinch of Obama-announced budget cutbacks and sequestration.

The White House Take

President Obama's latest bombastic course of evolution is mind-blowing. This president seems to demand immediate modifications, replacement and shifts. Many of these events jam and ram through the 2 Houses, and some are executive-ordered, circumventing Congressional discussion and interaction.

Remember Speaker Nancy Pelosi's now famous, astonishing statement concerning Obamacare… "We must pass the bill and then read it to see what's inside." SHEER LUNACY!

This latest, politically correct move by the Pentagon will prove to be a colossal blunder for the reasons I've already outlined. The idea that a woman can be an asset on the front lines is loony tunes, and as earlier emphasized, political correctness has NO place on the front lines!

Unfortunately, this administration shows no concern about the coming military fallout… Leaving America primed for the taking.

God forbid… .



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    • copywriter31 profile image

      James Ranka 4 years ago from Port Neches

      Thanks for the insight, Ghost32. Panetta's move will prove to be a huge mistake, but the fallout will occur within the military - an area where we Americans can least afford to see ANY upheaval.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 4 years ago

      We're definitely on the same page here. Even the awesome woman warrior, retired Colonel Martha McSally, who was our nation's first female combat pilot and first squadron commander, doesn't get it. She's all in favor of the Panetta ruling. But her fighting was done in a Warthog cockpit, not face to face over bayonets. (And yes, Barack, we do still use bayonets.)

      Voted Up and More.