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US Warplanes Strike IS In Libya.

Updated on February 19, 2016
Obama:  Is he trying to show he is a tough guy in the last days of his Presidency?
Obama: Is he trying to show he is a tough guy in the last days of his Presidency? | Source
Map of the coast of Libya.
Map of the coast of Libya. | Source
The fallen dictator:  Gaddafi.
The fallen dictator: Gaddafi. | Source

First US Strike In Libya Since Gaddafi War.

The US, UK and France after toppling Colonel Gadaffi left Libya to its own devices thinking that with what looked like a new democratic government in Tripoli everything would be rosy in the garden. However after a while this proved not to be the case as rebel groups who had helped the allies topple Gadaffi started to fight amongst themselves.

The central government lost control and so various factions some of them linked to Al - Qaeda turned the country into a failed state. Soon Islamic State gained a toe told in Libya and they fought with other groups including the central government and started to expand their territory as they had done in Syria and Libya with their so called caliphate.

This raid is the first military strike on Libyan territory since the US withdrew its planes from the anti - Gaddafi war. The IS base centred around the Libyan city of Sabratha in the north west of Libya has been under observation by the US for some time watching IS operatives seemingly taking part in training in what is expected to have been an external operation.

The attack took out the IS Commander of Tunisian origin Noureddine Chouhane who was behind the attack on a museum which killed 23 and on a coastal resort which killed 38 people. The mayor of Sabratha said the raid killed 37 and wounded 6 presumably IS terrorists including one woman.

The Islamic State is now the worlds most deadly terrorist group with bombings and killings on a world wide scale and they have the power to operate in places ranging from Paris, France to Jakarta, Indonesia.

It also seems separately but not unrelated as Obama spends his last days in the White House he seems to be trying to show he is a man of action possibly stung but not necessarily so by the attacks on his time of being in the White House as being weak on foreign policy.

Islamic State no matter how well its hit time and time again it seems right now has the power to bounce back like a coiled spring. Never the less it must be suffering unable to expand its territory any more lest it be hit by Allied or Russian/Syrian or Iranian planes. It is also under pressure on the ground as various forces ranged against it from Kurds to Assad's forces take back cities and towns from IS and even in Iraq where Iraqi forces recently took back Ramadi from IS.

The very fact though that these American raids were launched from British territory may mean now in a revenge attack IS will target the UK but then again they probably are planning attacks against the UK any way so this US attack will probably not make any difference in the great scheme of things.


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    • Nick Bishop profile image

      Nick Bishop 23 months ago from Blackpool

      Yes indeed

    • emge profile image

      Madan 23 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Frankly its too little and too late. America will have to pay the price of ousting Gaddafi and they are paying.