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US-Taliban Failed Peace Talks

Updated on September 12, 2019
Rashida Tabasum profile image

Rashida is a teacher. Done masters in Political science. Have special interest in defense and strategic studies.

Donald Trump Cancelled Secret Meeting With Taliban Leaders

On 8th September 2019, President Trump announced via tweet that he is cancelling secret talks between him and major Taliban leaders due to recent Kabul attack which killed one American soldier and eleven other people. It's a great set back for all the stakeholders including US, Afghan government of Ashraf Ghani and Pakistan's military establishment.

There were great hopes from these peace talks. This process initiated almost three years ago. Different rounds of talks between the Afghan government of President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban held. Pakistan was mediator. Talks held in Qatar, UAE and Pakistan which generated great hope for long term peace process and countering terrorism in the region and stability in Afghanistan. US wants to handover Afghan security to ANF(Afghan National Forces) after withdraw. But it seems impossible after failed talks.

Hope About Talks

These talks generated great hope for Afghan Peace Process and Peaceful withdraw of US forces from the region. There was hope to end this war if all parties were able to reach an agreement.

Afghan people want peace now. They have fought with two superpowers and now stucked in an unending war, which took thousands of innocent lives.

War-torn country now deserves peace and progress which is not possible without diminishing terriorist outfits in the region.

Reasons Of Failure

  • Lack of trust between stakeholders
  • Continuous failure of siege fire from Taliban
  • Disunity between different factions of the Taliban.
  • Absence of single strong leader of different terrorist organisations operating in Afghanistan
  • Weak government of Ashraf Ghani in Kabul
  • Differences between Pashtuns and Nothern Alliance in Afghanistan
  • US demand for keeping her presence of intelligence after withdrawal of other US security forces denied by the Taliban.

Impacts of failed talks:

Afghanistan is already unstable country. Afghan National forces and the US army has control over big cities only. Far fledged areas are insecure for common people. End of talks will further add up to instability and suffering of the country. Ashraf Ghani's already weak government will face more crisis of law and order in the country. For example on the night of 11th September 2019 rocket launcher hit near US embassy Kabul. Taliban announce more attacks against US forces and ANF.

Afghanistan, Hub of terrorist organisations:

In the late 80's Russia invaded Afghanistan. At that time the world was bipolar, communist and capitalist block. US and USSR were engaged in cold war. Afghanistan became a centre of great game. America, Western Europe, Saudi Arabia all wanted to constrain USSR's further invasion in the region. So Islamic Jihad Organisations were set up in Pakistan. They fought against USSR and won.

After this victory Taliban took over Kabul in the coming years. Al Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden came to Afghanistan and started running his terrorist organisation from there. Al Qaeda was involved in different attacks across the globe and finally, 9/11 happened. This tragedy was unbearable. After Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks US forces landed in Afghanistan and they are fighting an unending war till today.

US wants to come out this war but after establishing a strong and powerful government of locals in Kabul. Taliban and other terrorist organisations operating in the area want their share of power. Pakistan is playing key role in bringing the Taliban to table for peace talks.

President Trump's Reaction

On 11th September 2019 while addressing the ceremony in the remembrance of September 11 attacks President Trump gave a very fierce and strong message. He said that the US will go to any extent in chasing terrorists if they come back to American land. US can go to any part of the world while chasing these organisations. President said that they will never have seen what will happen to them. America can go to any extent in fighting extremism.

It seems that President Trump's such a harsh stance is the last nail in the coffin of peace talks. No sooner this process is seemed to be revived or reconsidered. Time will tell what other options world's single power has to come out the longest war of her history.

Need of the hour

All the stakeholders should focus on the atrocities of Afghan people who are facing continuous war from last three decades. There are miseries everywhere. basic infrastructure present only in few cities. rest of the country is infertile barren land. for the sake Afghan nation and their future this war should come to an end.


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