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Uber and Lyft Riders, Please No Food in Car!

Updated on November 13, 2017



People that eat in an Uber or Lyft ride are rude as individuals. If you don't have the time to eat your food before getting in a car, then don't order a car at all. Food and drinks stain cars. I mean, would you eat in your own car? Would you let other people eat in your own car?

If you are going to eat in a ride sharing car, have the courtesy to ask. Also, if you have ice cream, have the courtesy to finish it before getting in, or simply throw it away! Another idea is to order the car once you are finished with your food.

Seriously people!

Now, parents who allow their kids to enter a ride sharing car with chips, ice cream, a drink, are rude people and need to check themselves. Again, kids with food or drink are almost a sure shot that something bad is going to happen. So, please respect people.

Also, do not get mad or offended when a driver tells you to refrain from eating. You are in another person's car, and you need to respect the rules inside of it. Many of these drivers love their cars and love to keep it clean to provide a nice ride sharing service. The car is not a freaking table or a limo! Keep your damn food sealed or in an appropriate container.

One time, I had this douche get in my car and started making a freaking a salad. He bought a Caesar salad and started mixing it in the back seat. WTF! Chill out with your food. That dude should have refrained himself once inside the ride sharing car. Of course, I told him to stop eating and he got offended. No respect let me tell you!

So, people out there in the world, refrain from eating in a ride sharing car! Coffee is allowed because coffee runs the American economy. However, it needs to stay in a container.

The final message is to stop eating in ride sharing cars. Be courteous! That way, we will all live in a nicer and cleaner society! Damn!


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