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Unapologetic State of U.S. International Affairs: What Else Is New?

Updated on May 20, 2016

In 70.5 years that have passed since the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. Air Force, Washington has not apologized to the Japanese people for horrific civilian casualties of at least 300,000. And now the U.S. President Barack Obama is taking time off his precious golf course to visit Hiroshima, of all places? He picked the most painful place on Earth to visit before his presidency expires next year, and it’s not the first time he does that. Remember him going to Cuba earlier this year and how humiliating that trip was for him? Let’s just hope that Japanese collective memory is just as good as Cuban.

While people who American Military have wronged in the past 70 years are still alive, an apology for numerous atrocities would be nice to hear, but as George H. W. Bush have stated back in 1988 as a Vice-President of the U.S., “I’ll never apologize for the United States – I don’t care what the facts are… I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.” Who is? Obama is probably not that kind either. And yet, here he goes – visiting Hiroshima next week…

The upcoming visit by US President Barack Obama to Hiroshima may be used by Washington as a PR (Public Relations) mission to demonstrate friendship between the only country in the history of the world that had used nuclear weapons in combat and its unfortunate victim. However, the United States have been ignoring the protests of Japanese population against the presence of U.S. military bases on Japanese soil for decades, so Obama’s good intentions may fall on deaf ears, at least in Japan. Unless he does this PR trick to show off in front of the whole world, going to Japan without plans to apologize for the use of nuclear weapons against their country is not worth getting away from his favorite golf course…

Let’s forget Obama for a second and see if any regular Americans would be willing to apologize to Japanese for the war ending with nuclear blasts and huge loss of life? After all, as ABC News article states, “about 180,000 people recognized by the government as survivors are still alive. Many have remained unmarried and without children because of concerns about birth defects, or have suffered from cancer and other radiation-induced illnesses.” In my book, human suffering from a nuclear blast is worse than from the Pearl Harbor's bombing, not to mention that civilians were the primary targets in bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and not the Japanese Military.

And yet, after interviewing a few of otherwise kind American men who seem to know what nuclear physics is all about, I’ve heard the same story again and again. Apparently, “it was necessary to bomb the hell out of Japan to spare hundreds of thousands of American soldiers’ lives that would be lost if America were to engage in combat on Japanese soil." As "USA Today" reported in its cliché editorial, “American veterans and historians say that the attacks hastened the end of the war and saved thousands, if not millions, of additional lives.” However, what many of you may not know, on the same day the second nuclear bomb was dropped on Japanese city of Nagasaki (on August 9, 1945), the Soviet Army began a massive land operation on Japanese military installations (note: not civilians!), overwhelming Japanese forces in Manchuria, and so the losses of Japanese military to the Russians between August 9 and August 27 of 1945 were the real reason for Japanese surrendering to the Allied Forces. Therefore, the desire to stop the WWII faster is probably not the real reason behind America's use of its first two nuclear bombs. I bet it was a show off for the Soviets to hint who’s the boss now that U.S. have created its first nuclear weapons (with the help of defected Nazi scientists, I must add)... Nevertheless, the bogus explanation of “saving American lives” is what is being taught as justification for the use of nuclear weapons to all students in American schools and universities, and the role of Soviet Army in winning of the WWII is being unfairly diminished.

What’s more interesting, though, is that Japanese history books have also fell under U.S. “magic spell” because younger population of Japan is now being taught that the “Allied Forces” of WWII bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and so many automatically assume that Soviet Army did it, with no questions asked. It’s unfair to the Russians, but lucky for Americans, isn’t it? And Japan is now such a good friend to the U.S. that this huge lie is making my skin crawl!

But what if Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is simply another attempt to justify the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to him back in 2009? Does anyone care for his Peace Prize by now after his administration has bombed seven countries in the last 7.5 years? If he wasn’t impeached for his disrespect to the American ideals and worldwide war crimes, who would want his Peace Prize back? Remember, Barack Obama’s recent trip to Havana that was promoted as a breakthrough in Cuban-American relations has actually brought no real results. Chances are, his Hiroshima trip will be no better.



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    • profile image

      Hxprof 23 months ago from Clearwater, Florida

      Conventional weapons were capable of killing the same number of people the US killed by using 2 nuclear bombs. Example: Operation Meetinghouse. This was the firebombing of Tokyo during the 9th and 10th of March, 1945. Estimates are that 100,000 people were killed from this raid. Dresden, Germany received the same treatment. And no, there isn't any sound historical evidence that Japan surrendered before we dropped the 2nd bomb.

      Civilians have bee targets in war from the beginning. It was only in recent modern history that governments made an attempt to "outlaw" targeting civilians; that's proved ineffective. If (when) the US is subject to attack by foreign nations, I guarantee you that civilians will be targeted - there's no way around it.

    • profile image

      Myra Evans 23 months ago

      This man running all over world apologizing for America this man is abomination and a disgrace...Wow..The people of our country get the government they deserve...

    • profile image

      Matias Simon 23 months ago

      How about Shinzo Abe comes and apologizes for Pearl Harbor?? That was an act of unprovoked terrorism but apparently overlooked because the US dropped a bomb to end a murderous emperor from raping the pacific. Ask the poor Koreans how the Japanese treated them. It is ridiculous that all foreign policy pandering should fall only on the superpower.

    • profile image

      Kha Lee 23 months ago

      Yes, the US is VERY sorry that Japan attacked and initiated a war with the US, China and other countries resulting in millions of horrific casualties, including the Rape of Nanking for which the Japanese still do not even acknowledge occurred!

      Just think how life could have been like WITHOUT the asinine Japanese who initiated such a heinous war! Its about time that the JAPANESE acknowledge that THEIR actions have consequences and assume responsibility for said actions.

      So, since the Japanese have opened the topic, let's talk about reparations by the Japanese for all those killed and tortured by the Japanese and the war THEY started.

      What remains appalling is that some myopically only see harm as resulting from nuclear weapons, while sanctimoniously and myopically deluding themselves that conventional weapons and torture and rape as committed by the Japanese were inconsequential!

    • profile image

      David Vazquez 23 months ago

      will they be going to China to apologize for nanking?

    • profile image

      schuhplattler 23 months ago

      Taxpayers, once again your employee, together with his huge entourage, will be away from his desk at YOUR horrendous expense, for a purpose totally outside his job description. What's more, if that purpose was not accomplished much more cheaply last week by Secretary of State Kerry, it well should have been.

      As for his stopover in Vietnam to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that WOULD have been within his job description if the TPP were treated in Senate and Congress as the treaty that it is, including requiring a 2/3 majority to pass per the US Constitution. Even then the TPP would be absurd - a blatant sellout of national sovereignty.

      This is not change you can believe in.

    • profile image

      Ali Elqiran 23 months ago

      I think the last country Obama will visit is Germany and apologize for fighting Nazism.Or did he already do that?

    • profile image

      Alex Molina 23 months ago

      Obama is a traitor to our country!

    • profile image

      Ed Kelly 23 months ago

      Obama and Kerry on still another Magical Mystery US Apology Tour, they should BOTH commit Harikari right at Heroshima ground zero to atone for all of America's "sins" for the last 240 years, we can only hope. Maybe WE can get an apology for Pearl Harbor, rotten, yellow rats that the Nips all are.

    • profile image

      Adrian Sanchez 23 months ago

      US dropt the bomb after Japan surrendered.US the only nation who used it.

    • profile image

      Polar Bea 23 months ago

      US nuclear bombs killed more than 200 thousand Japanese but Japanese President is smiling. May be he is idiot?

    • profile image

      Kevin Nice 23 months ago

      Can we send this idiot to Mars? Japan just doesn't seem far enough away.

    • profile image

      J.Fragoso 23 months ago

      The only reason he is going to Hiroshima to NOT apologize is to remind the rest of the world of the fact that we DID it. It's nothing more than an implied threat. The narrative they are sending out is 'That's right! We did this shit, were not sorry. and we'd do it again'. It's a subtley not so subtle intimidation tactic. Nothing more, the elite are gradually letting the façade slip so we can see the degenerate psychopaths that they truly are.

    • profile image

      Chester Foste 23 months ago

      He should apologize for DOUBLING THE NATIONAL DEBT, but all we care about is his PR moves.

    • profile image

      David Beutler 23 months ago

      statement about Japan being the only country to be hit by a nuclear weapon is just patently false. Japan had the only populated area to be hit by a nuclear weapon, but we tested atomic weaponry in the United States, in the Pacific, and the USSR also tested atomic and hydrogen bombs on their territory and territory of the other Socialist Republics.

    • profile image

      Jose Munoz 23 months ago

      If you go to the ground zero peace park in Hiro, you see the Japanese side of propaganda. Everything there says that we dropped the bomb with no warning and for no reason. i may or may not have been escorted out for raising my voice about facts.

    • profile image

      Dominic Cairo 23 months ago

      By apologizing to the Japanese for drooping the bombs, President Obama would insult all those who died in both bombings, He would insult our servicemen, and he would insult the servicemen of Japan. Both our nations gave everything they had in the greatest conflict in world history. War is a terrible thing , but that horror is behind us now. Japan is one of our closest allies, but also one of our closest friends. We must respect the lives of both those who died and lived in order to build the friendship our two nations hold.

    • profile image

      Nelson Vega 23 months ago

      President Obama should apologize for Hiroshima and Nagasaki...AFTER the Japanese apologize for Pearl Harbor.

    • Brashakar profile image

      Emily Ford 23 months ago from Tennessee

    • profile image

      Marquis Andrealphus 23 months ago

      What conversation. Like you don't know that killing one hundred thousand innocent civilians was and is wrong? You could make a case that threatening a country that has nukes is right as a deterrent to nuclear war but it was not right to kill a hundred thousand people who didn't have nukes just to end a conventional war and the US did it a second time and there was actually a third time. The third time was Dresden where they firebombed Dresden with aluminum incendiaries with thousands of bombs andt the ensuing firestorm sucked all the oxygen out of the bomb shelters and killed one hundred thousand civilians and this was by design.

      Apologize for this and vow to never repeat this again. Self defense only if someone throws a nuke at you and make a concerted effort to disarm the world by not invading other countries and overthrowing leaders and creating a world that is less safe. If we feel safer we are more likely to throw away the nukes. The world is actually getting closer to using nukes again. I apologize for the US. They know not what they do. Or do they?

    • profile image

      Ian Standley 23 months ago

      The Japanese were at the brink of surrender The country was already in a million bits the only reason to nuke them was to show just how hard you were to the Russians. sorry but it is true. All I can say is thank god Kennedy was in charge in 1960, s he showed true leadership. War is not always the answer some body tell Hillary Clinton that she is as bad as bush.

    • profile image

      Charlotte Winslow 23 months ago

      From the point of the Japanese view, Obama doesn't have to apologize. Surely, it was a massacre of civilians for no reason, however, it is already the past. This is probably the general understanding of us. If he apologize it, there are plenty of insane lefties try to take advantage of it. Those people who has been performing stupid anti military base demonstrations in Okinawa. Practically, they are the spies of China and Korea, whom accept money from their government. I don't think Japan has to apologize to the world for the participation of the past war either. We had plenty of reasons to have done so. I can't take the US post war propaganda which blames us as the invader of the Asia. Every country had its own reason at that time. It's silly to ask apology or to blame the past opponent.

    • profile image

      Devan Evans 23 months ago

      I'm seeing a lot of historically illiterate morons here claiming that we were right in bombing Japan. Sorry, we were not. They surrendered weeks before the bombing and we have admissions from people involved in the decision making that they were showing to the Soviets in an intimidation tactic. People who say we were justified at dropping the bomb because we were at war fail to realize that the war was over for weeks before Hiroshima. Open up a fucking chronology textbook about the war with Japan sometime you stupid historically illiterate fucks.