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Uncommon Problems

Updated on August 31, 2016

Everyone in the lifetime has faced one or more uncommon problems that one wishes one never has to. Divorce, bankruptcy, bullying, prejudice, discrimination, accused of wrongdoing in a lawsuit, bad traffic accident, etc., are examples of problems that may seem common occurrence in everyday life. But, for the first timer who is not familiar with the perils of the man-made world and the invisible laws of Nature, facing and solving one or more of those problems are not only a learning lesson but also a life changing experience. The ordeal may leave a person mentally drained, physically exhausted, and financial ruined while affecting the lives of many other people directly and or indirectly. Without the problems, a person’s existence consists of just routines and is dull and lifeless. The problems make the strong vulnerable, the weak tougher, and the slacker rejuvenated.

Nasty Divorce

Many couples will join the marriage institution when they fall in love and want to share the rest of the life together happily thereafter. Unfortunately, some marriages last only for a short time and end up in divorce. Some divorces are amicable with a quiet and peaceful parting. Some divorces turn former lovers into mortal adversary fighting bitterly for the custody of children, property division, and or alimony. For the person who has to go through the whole nasty divorce process, this will be a dark journey that shows how love can easily morph into hate, compassion turns into revenge, and trust evolves into lie. Not to mention that the future lives of friends, relatives, and or children will all be adversely affected.


Discrimination comes in many shape and form. It can occur in school, at workplace, public gatherings, etc. Discrimination happens when a person is being treated unfairly different not because of what one does but what one is (skin color, mentally challenged, physically disfigured, religious belief, cultural background, etc.). For the victimized persons,

  1. Some will learn to live with the unjust treatments by keeping a low profile,

  2. Some will fight the inequality by changing the system that allows ignorance with impunity,

  3. Some will alter what one is in order to blend in and live a normal life.

    No matter how a person handles the discrimination, the experience will always leave one emotional wounded but at the same time, more sensitive and sympathetic toward the plight of the people with short comings.


Under the law, everyone is to be treated equally and justice is passed down where it should be. But, in reality, the situation is far from ideal. With a legal system that is becoming ever more complex, only the well trained and highly educated professional can understand and navigated the labyrinth of legal proceedings, criminal and civil codes, case histories, etc. For the common folks who are dragged into the legal system, the journey begins with the hiring of a lawyer who starts by collecting all the relevant facts including very personal matters to prepare for the case. Next come waiting for the court date that can take more than a year. Finally, it is time to present the case in front a judge with or without a jury in a serious and tense atmosphere. When the judgment date arrives, the person can go home in great relief or face possible prison time, and or monetary retribution. No matter the outcome, the experience will be life changing not only financially and physically but also emotionally.

Care for the Parents

With a small family and longer life expectancy, most people find that just when they can take a breather after they have raised their kids to be independent adults, they realize that their aging parents are next in line to be taken care of in the twilight of their life. Most of the senior citizens can live an independent life with only occasional assistances like fixing household problems and going to hospital for regular checkout. But, some unlucky ones may be plagued with deliberating illness that requires constant attention. For the responsible person, this means finding times and or helps to meet the new challenge. The task can be more taxing than bringing up the kids. The financial cost can be prohibitive and the emotional toll can only get worst. The whole experience will also provide the person a deeper perspective on life’s vulnerability, mortality, and inevitability.

Confront the Problems

A person starts the journey of life with a heart that is pure, a soul that is innocent, and a mind that is open. But, the person will soon find that one is ill-prepared for the rough road ahead in a man-made as well as the natural worlds that will challenge one’s right to exist every which way. The person will be forced to solve problems that will:

  1. Test one’s will to survive,

  2. Shake one’s belief in the goodness in men,

  3. Stretch one’s physical and mental capabilities to the limit,

  4. Find one’s place in the world and one’s role in life.

    With the exception of the human beings, every living thing is under constant and daily pressure to survive the environmental conditions, to find food to quench the urge of hunger, and to compete to mate for the sake of reproduction. They have almost no option to help them to solve the problems of life. As a result, their right to exist is fleeting. On the other hand, the human being is equipped with the tools to confront the problems thrown at them by life. Some will overcome the problems; some will manage the problems; while others will be succumbed by the problems. However, in the end, their hearts will no longer be pure but scared with the deeds of good, bad, and evil. Their souls will no longer be innocent as they learn to hide the truth, twisted the facts, and compromise their principles. Their minds will no longer be open but biased, subjective, focused, and alerted. As a person looks back on one’s life, the person will remember most vividly the moments with the deepest emotional involvement. And those moments had more than likely occurred when one was facing and solving the uncommon problems.


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