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Under Suspicion: AG Barr and the Mueller Report

Updated on March 29, 2019
Is Barr truly independent of Trump? Would he be willing to say Trump obstructed issues?
Is Barr truly independent of Trump? Would he be willing to say Trump obstructed issues?

So, just when we all thought it might be over, clouds of suspicion gather about the Attorney General Barr, who Trump appointed to replace Comey. The clouds may or may not throw more fire onto the Trump obstruction issue because Mueller did not clear Trump of no wrong doing or piss poor judgement on this issue and we now know there are references to some valid evidence within the report as reported by CNN and Fox. Whether it rises to unlawful conduct continues to be the burning question and why did Mueller leave this issue open for AG Barr to decide?

AG Barr is facing his own questionable motives about releasing the report that the Congress demands by April 2. He has said that deadline will come and go and only notes sometime in April will a more robust, redacted version of the report will be made for the public.

Barr got Mueller's report long before anyone else and he released a skinny four page report summary of what we now know is a comprehensive 400 page report! Right away, logical people begin to get suspicious. After all, since Trump appointed Barr, it is not unreasonable to think (despite what they say about separation of agencies) Barr has talked to Trump about items in it using a secure line. It is reasonable to think it might have occurred. Then, Barr is going through the report before anyone else can and if there are questionable obstruction questions that make Barr cringe, Barr could easily redact them under the "National Security" claim since it was intelligence originally.

We know there are such questions about Trump obstruction because Mueller and his team of 20 lawyers were divided about the obstruction issue resulting in Mueller only clearing Trump of collusion 100%. The obstruction issue remains an issue that has been left unresolved 100%. AG Barr has hinted that there appears to be some potential obstruction evidence Mueller has found.

Will Barr redact it so the public and Congress cannot see the truth? Will Congress have to force AG Barr's hand and force him to testify just to get to the truth? Common sense tells anyone that within 400 pages of Mueller's report that took two years to investigate and numerous convictions of Trump's soldiers that were within his orbit, there is some evidence that Trump is guilty of obstruction, otherwise, Mueller would have cleared Trump of it as he did about collusion with Russia. Mueller could not decide or did not want to decide (he is a Republican also).

Suspicion is rightly so. If you disagree, you are just blind because the truth may hurt and any devout belief in President Trump. It is the duty of Congress to get the full report without redactions. AG Barr is under intense pressure to produce a full report but who is overseeing his duties free of prejudice towards Trump, who appointed him? Can we trust he would be willing to charge Trump with obstruction? Would he try to hide such evidence to protect Trump? How loyal is he to Trump?

Republicans trust AG Barr. That is about it and Congress must oversee his report in order to get to the truth.


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