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Understanding Injustice Both Locally and Worldwide

Updated on December 3, 2014

It is sad to say this but we live in a world where countless numbers of people live each day under the heavy hand of oppression. They wake up to suffering every day. Unfortunately, many of us contribute to that oppression directly or indirectly. Here, we will expose some of the injustices taking place both locally and internationally.

Injustice takes place when one group of people is strengthened or whose lives are made better by pushing down another group of people.

Some of the injustices that we face

We face many injustices and many of us unknowingly oppress others. Here are some of the injustices that exist.

1. Local laws

Local laws create oppression for many, especially the poor. One example is parking tickets. I was going through a period of deep poverty. I got a bogus parking ticket. The court said that I had to pay all the ticket before I could fight it. I couldn't do that. I also couldn't pay the ticket. It eventually was raised to $500 and went to collections. Fortunately someone stepped up and helped me pay it. That is an injustice the poor face.

2. Government benefits

An example of this is the food stamp and other welfare programs. Sometimes people need help financially. However, if they try to better themselves financially by working then they are punished with reduced benefits which their job may not pay enough to cover. So, they are trapped in poverty. Many government 'benefits' trap people and create injustice.

3. Slave labor

A very harsh reality that exists in our world is slave labor. Slave labor happens in many countries where people are forced to work for extremely low wages, in harsh conditions, sleeping in crowded rooms under military guard. These precious people work in these conditions to manufacture many of the products that we buy. Companies that have been exposed for either using slave labor or obtaining products made through slave labor is Walmart, Forever 21, Victoria's Secret and many others. Slave labor is a gross injustice in our world.

4. Gentrification

This particular injustice harms the poor. Developers and local leaders revamp a neighborhood and build high end housing which drives up housing prices, thus forcing the poor to relocate. When you see a neighborhood being revamped in your city just know that the poor are the victims of the process.

5. Greed

We live in a world of greed. The suburban lifestyle that many embrace comes about by taking from the poor. The greedy take advantage of others and cause others to lose so that they can win. Because greed is rampant in our world, than many are losing out. High credit card interest rates, high cost of fuel, rising housing costs, the growing gap between corporate heads and the employees all leads to oppression of people.

How we can bring justice to our world

Justice and fairness for all can become a reality in our world. How do we bring it about?

1. Shop wisely

Know how the store you shop at obtains their products. The easiest way to do this is to shop locally at stores where you can actually get to know the owner. Refuse to support places that support slave labor.

2. Stand up against oppressors

Let your voice be heard. Your voice will not change the world, but your voice combined with other voices will. If we constantly speak out about injustice then we will see the tide turn for justice. Write in your local paper, speak to your neighbors, speak any chance you get and expose the oppressors.

3. Research and expose

Research what local or state laws are trapping and oppressing people, especially the vulnerable and expose them. Work with others towards eliminating those laws.

4. Never give up

I could tell you a million ways to fight injustice, but this article will not permit that. However, you can make a difference. Research and find one injustice that stands out to you and get the facts on it, find others that are already fighting it and join them. Never give up. You will be opposed when you start to set the oppressed free, but you must fight for them and never give in. Those who are trapped are desperate for someone like you to stand up for them,

I am currently writing a book that greatly expands these ideas and adds much more detail. Millions around the world and in your own neighborhood are suffering at the hand of injustice. You can make a difference. We all want our lives to matter. We don't want to die and have counted for nothing. If you want your life to really take on meaning then get involved in defending the cause of the poor and needy. Stand up for justice. Walk hand in hand with the oppressed. You will find true life when you do this.

Which injustice stands out to you?

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