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Unemployed? Stalled In Your Career? Can Childhood Ambitions Inspire You?

Updated on October 3, 2014

It's tough out there...

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Public domain image. | Source

Have you lost direction in your career? Maybe you’ve found yourself in a dead-end, with no likelihood of further promotions and no real relish for your current tasks and organisation. Or perhaps you’re actually forging ahead and going places in your company, yet there’s something about it that doesn’t feel quite right and isn’t satisfying your heart, only your wallet. Or maybe you’re currently unemployed, and feeling not only down about that, but as if maybe you’ll never find the truly satisfying job that you once assumed would eventually be yours.

Where can you look for inspiration when your current career path isn’t taking you down a road you really want to travel? Perhaps you could consider looking back to the past, and your childhood. What did you freely and spontaneously want to spend your life doing as a kid, before all the dreams got squashed out of you by the ‘sensible choices’ brigade?

Write Your Own Creative Life Script

I know that, speaking for myself, the first thing I ever consciously thought I’d like to do for a living was to be a writer. I believe I was around about five years old at the time! It just seemed too cool as a lifestyle: getting to spin out stories and tales that would enchant people and enhance their lives, the way I knew that storybooks enhanced mine. Although I've worked on a few (quite a few!) manuscripts since then, I'm still not a published fiction writer. But you never know, and never say die!

Is It All About The Money?

Then as I got older my values got a little skewed and then it was all about the spondoolicks – what would bring in the most hefty bundles of cash. (As far as sellouts go, though, I wasn't the most successful. Fat chance!)

So if you're short on ideas on where to go next with your professional life, maybe you can look back to your early years for some inspiration. Of course, it may require a little creative interpretation! If, as a four-year-old, your most fervent desire was to be a pirate chief, then perhaps a literal translation of that job title into the real world isn't the bestest idea ever! On the other hand, if you can dig down into your childhood aspiration, maybe you'll find that the theatricality of the pirate life was what you loved – in which case, is drama school beckoning? Or the 'band of brothers' communal living aspect, in which case perhaps a kibbutz or Camphill village would be a good fit for you. Get thinking laterally!

If you come up with some new ideas via this way of approaching your future career path, but can't find the right job specification that would fit with them, perhaps self-employment could be the right path for you? If you loved to get the other kids to sit down and listen while you read to them or spun tales out of your own head, for example, then maybe you could set up as a professional storyteller in schools and playgroups, and work up some children's books at the same time.

What's certain is that, economically and in terms of careers, these are troubled times. It never hurts to take a fresh look and get a few new notions on how to earn a crust and fulfil your life. I hope I've helped you to do just that!


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