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UC, Unemployment Extension & Unemployment Benefits Extension: Eligibility, Application, Compensation

Updated on December 29, 2011

Changing Employment Status

When it comes to losing or changing a job, it often seems like the whole world of our activity is having an earthquake. It is very important to know and to remember all the civil and financial rights in the moment of changing the status from an “officially employed” to an “officially unemployed” person. Thus, the information about the unemployment benefits (UB) and unemployment benefits extension (UBE) comes forward and is vital to every person being in this situation. Primary, this information is based on the federal and state laws, therefore in some aspects it is the same for people from every state, and, on the other hand, it might differ due to regulations set by the legislation of a specific state.

Important Terms to Know

Unemployment compensation, (UC) is the fixed or varying amount of money obtained from the Federal or a state budget by a worker who lost his job because of no fault on his side. The U.S. legislation classifies UC as a type of social welfare benefit. The Internal Revenue Code requires the inclusion of this benefit in a gross income of a taxpayer who receives it.

Unemployment Benefits Extension is the money received by a worker after the exhaustion of regular UB. They are usually available for unemployed people during high unemployment periods. The Extended Benefits program suggest an extension of benefits for up to thirteen additional weeks. Different states regulate this by their own rules.

Are You Eligible for Unemployment Benefits and their Extension? The State Law establishes unemployment insurance claims. The eligibility for this insurance, the amounts of benefits, and the length of time during which these benefits are available are determined by this Law.

To be eligible for UC, the person could be fired due to some financial difficulties of the company, general job cut (lay-offs) or any other reason. If a worker loses job because of the lack of competence or knowledge, bad performance, and/or insignificant results, there is no possibility for such worker to claim UC. The limits for receiving the compensation also include part-time, self-employed and temporary workers.

The eligibility for extended unemployment benefits needs to be checked at every particular moment in a specific state since the regulations in this area change continuously. Usually, the extended benefits are possible to be received by a worker after his unemployment insurance benefits are exhausted. Not every person who receives UC can count on its extension. The State Agency for employment can give an advise on the eligibility.

Useful Resources

The official fact sheet about the unemployment insurance from the U.S. Department of Labor. The page covers general facts about the UC.

The equivalent to the previous resource covering the information about extension of unemployment benefits.

This is the America’s Service Locator page that can help you to find the particular unemployment office of your state and the State Unemployment Insurance Agency.

The temporary unemployment payments help a lot providing a financial assistance to workers in the transition period of searching for a new job. Claim the UC filing an application to feel the support of government and get a chance to search for a job you will not loose without any rushing.

For more useful and interesting information on different topics, please, go here.


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