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Unemployment in Hungary

Updated on May 29, 2013

Unemployment is the portion of the whole working force that is out of job that is looking for a job. Unemployment is an existing problem in all modern, capitalistic countries.

The social effects of the problem of unemployment

In society today the unemployed come from the less educated class. These individuals live from the unemployment aids that are usually less than the minimal wage. (In Hungary it is HUF600-HUF33, 000, and the minimal wage is HUF50, 000). This amount is barely enough for the survival of the individual. The situation is even worse when the unemployed has a family to support.

Regional differences in unemployment in Hungary

The unemployment rate in Hungary is very uneven. The economically most developed regions of the country have the lowest unemployment rate, and obviously, the least developed regions have the highest unemployment rate. The worst ones have unemployment rates of more than 25%. This is because of the different economic performance of the private and state owned organizations in the country.


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