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Unfinished Iraqi Business - Noor, The Girl Who Survived

Updated on May 14, 2013

Rescued From War and Sent Back Again

Noor is a beautiful Iraqi name, belonging to an amazing Iraqi girl. Big dark eyes, stunning black hair, and olive skin are the first things that stand out about Noor. The wheelchair that helps her get around doesn't do much to mar her beauty. She is the image of Middle Eastern cuteness.

Noor, however, knows her true life story. At only five years of age, her family has told her how her mother left soon after her birth due to her spina bifida diagnosis. Her mother stated she did not want to raise a disabled child, but unbeknownst to her mother, a group of American soldiers had different plans for Noor's well being.

During the war in Iraq, the decision was made to transport Noor to an American hospital, where the hole in her spine was repaired. Iraqi doctors did not have the ability to save Noor's life and wrote her off as dead. American doctors were able to change that grim future and give Noor a chance.

However, after Noor was given a license to live, she was sent back to Iraq. She was an Iraqi citizen, after all, and just a baby. Her father, grandfather and aunts were waiting for her at home. They had no idea what the future was holding for them.

They were ousted from their community by neighbors who believed they had family in America. In Noor's community, family in America was enough to cause hatred and fear in her neighbors. Forced to relocate, Noor's father was lucky enough to find a job that just barely made enough to support the family. At home, Noor's grandfather has become her primary caretaker. Her grandmother made the family promise to care for Noor before she passed away, but the grandfather worries that he too will someday pass and no one will be there for Noor.

Noor has very specific issues due to her spina bifida. She cannot walk. She has seizures. She needs to attend special schools due to her inability to speak. She is a spunky child, but she does not live the life of a normal child. Her family is aging and is having a difficult time caring for all her special needs. Her father must work morning to night to bring in enough money so the family may eat. Noor's medical bills are very high, adding financial strain to the family's physical and emotional stress.

The family is begging the world, specifically America, for further intervention. Noor's spina bifida symptoms keep her out of local schools, and the family must travel a great distance to send Noor to the segregated school for children with special needs. Every day, they travel by foot and by bus to take Noor to her special school. They are well aware that there are places in America to help Noor, and they implore the world to step in on Noor's behalf for a second time.

How do you feel about Noor? Should America step in and intervene again? Should Noor be brought to America, where she will receive specialists and specific care, then sent back to Iraq again? Should she be adopted into an American household, provided the grandfather would release custody? Please leave your opinions, and come back soon as I follow Noor's story. Remember, be nice. This is a child.

Baby Noor at age five with an inspirational quote.


Iraq in the heart of the Middle East

Should We Help?

Should America help baby Noor? Leave your reasons in the comments section.

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