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Unions Suck: The Door Which Took 1 Year to Fix

Updated on February 24, 2017

Unions retard economic growth and delay recovery from recessions; by impeding on supply and demand, the invisible hand as Adam Smith called it, ceases to operate; the invisible hand being the unobservable market force that helps businesses thrive and prosper, helping it reach its full potential i.e. equilibrium.

Lazy people who prolong their work while also asking for more money, get together with other lazy people to demand higher wages and more benefits, the unions call it collective bargaining but it’s simply blood leaches, ungrateful of the structure provided to them - the businesses which allowed them to gain a comfy paycheck which gives them the time to complain in the first place, a paycheck which pays for their pointless union meetings and picket signs for their childish strikes.

Union officials fool the rest of the workers by promising higher wages for all the workers, hiding the fact that their demand only creates a shortage of jobs; by aggressively demanding for a wage greater than what their product of labor is actually worth, the employer eventually has to cave in by increasing their salary at an amount that is above equilibrium, thus profits are loss, since the employer has to raise prices, the demand decreases and the employer is forced to lay off workers in order to readjust his budget according to the wage hike which the workers forced them to make. Consumers also bear the consequences by having to pay more for the goods and services that the workers produce, other times the businesses could simply fall and everyone would be out of jobs, however, if it doesn't fall, the richest workers - the top union officers, are always the last ones to get fired; the table below highlights the union officers high salaries.


This is why right-to-work states have a lower unemployment rate than non-right-to-wok states, right-to-work states force employees to give up part of their paycheck in order for it to go to the union, so they can have their pointless union meetings and picket signs for their strikes and protest, costs which they use as a vehicle for demanding higher wages while at the same time ruining the businesses they work for.

Living in a right to work state where public transportation is controlled by the unions, the train rides can be dreadful at times, if you’re not having to stand up because of rude people sleeping on the seats, or having to sit next to a homeless person who smells like urine, you’ll probably be considered a lucky passenger.

What can you do? It is PUBLIC transportation after all
What can you do? It is PUBLIC transportation after all

The truth is unions suck, when they actually do show up to the job they prolong their work, yet half the time they never show up, construction sites are like ghost towns.

Their work is simply less substantial than any other businesses without a union; illegal Mexican construction workers would make their work performance look like a joke, finishing the job by the time these union rats get done with their lunch break.

"We work ourselves to death just to eat. I make $1,100/week and the government takes $350 to feed your unemployed drug addicts."


A door which took more than a year to fix was finally fixed just the other day. Surprisingly the union workers decided to make time from their year-long lunch break to fix a jammed door, what looked like nursing home patients from far away were actually union workers.

Mexicans would’ve been done by the time I got up the escalator, at about a quarter of the price mind you. Yet businesses are forced to hire fat unhealthy union workers instead.


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