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United We Stand & United We Fall

Updated on May 7, 2015
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I have 25 yrs. exp. as a Medical Billing & Collection Consultant and a Personal Injury Paralegal & I am writing a book & movie Script.

Which Will You Choose

 Politics is becoming a joke these days to me it is not what the Forefathers had in mind when they set up our Government. That is the way I see things, today our politics has become all about money which company is going to pay them for their vote it is crazy.


We have our first Bi-racial President that has finished his first year, it seems to me and this is only my personal opinion but I think that we need to give the President time to do his job. Rome was not, built in a day and it took six days for God to create the world where he rested on the seventh day.


President Obama is not a God and the last administration left him with a mess beyond anything he could have imagined. The past administration left President Obama with two wars and a deficient that was beyond what we thought. Our Country was close to a Depression when President Obama took office he has helped the people that are poor like I am, helped the  being unemployed making sure that they  had money coming in till they could find a job.


Yes, he started with the stimulus Recovery Act and signed it with in the first few months, has he created jobs? No he may not have but it does not all sit on his shoulders jobs rest on the shoulder of the employers who are not hiring. Why are they not hiring because they are afraid to spend money on having employees it will cost them money not to mention that the Republican Party is sending out a very negative message.


Does, any one understand that one man cannot fix all the problems that we face today? It takes unity from both the Government and the people. United We Stand and United We fall. What I see is a country that is not united so what is our country teaching other countries not to mention that Bin Laden is on the Rampage again because he sees that our government & we the people are not united. Therefore, I sit and wonder are the republicans, the government and the people trying to tell the world and the terrorists that we are not on the same page. Do they want another 911? They may get it if we do not unite.


Do we need Reform? Yes by all not just the government, we all need to pull together and stand behind our President the majority voted for him. Therefore, the ones that voted for him as well as the government now have Obama in office and they all run for the hills. What happened to standing behind our president? I did not like Bush from day one but I supported him he was our president.


We are the United States are we not? If we are then where is the unity in our country? Has any one looked to see what is really happening in our country?


I thought I slept through government in high school but as I listen to the many news stations and read the papers, I know I was awake. We all need to unite and stand behind our President. This is just the way I see it the Republican Party sounds and acts like the KKK to me. Even some of the people that are white act as if they are like the KKK.  That was something that was put to rest years ago and the past is gone we need to let go of the past and move forward this is the new America get used to it.


I do not see or hear people in our Nation taking time to research what the President really is doing and what he has done to make our Country a better place.


The government and the people are fighting Health care Reform and I wonder if these people have done their research on Health Care Reform. Have people taken into fact that the President has received over 5 billion dollars in return on the loans to the banks? I highly doubt it people are too busy trying to bring the President down and look for things that are un-true to discredit the President.


Too many people listen to the trash that comes out the mouths of people like Wilson’s mouth or the negativity that comes out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth who I believe should be arrested for treason for some of the things he has said, is he still on drugs or what? Then we have the trash on Fox News I think it is time to take out the trash and that includes the poisonous Sara Palin along with Rush. In the old days, you had to rely on the Newspapers and the library, today we have the world of the internet at the tip of our fingers where we can access and research the truth in minutes.


Tonight we have our State of the Union and already people have decided what Obama is going to say and do. I feel we have not seen the President and what he has to say so why would people try to say what they think he is going to say. I am hoping he will call America to arms tonight and ask us to unite as one Country and stop all those who are backstabbing the President. Tonight I pray that Obama show this Country and the government that he is in charge and he will not be pushed or backstabbed anymore we will see. I also hope that if anyone heckles the President during his speech be arrested immediately.


I could be one of those citizens that say they do not care, I am not one of those people I am very much behind our President I feel that he is going to surprise every one of us all tonight and the days, weeks and months to come. I see President Obama as a man that likes to get into solutions instead of staying in the problem. A very wise man told me last year that President Obama would surprise the people, that he may not surprise them in his first year but that in his second year he would show the people that he is a worthy adversary and one to be reckoned with. I believe he will do that tonight during the State of the Union.


I find it funny that the last administration would spend Billions of dollars and no one would blink an eye when he did because he used the fear of Terrorism to keep every one from questioning him. Thus putting us into the biggest deficient that we had and almost put us in a depression all this in eight years where as when he took over from the last administration we were clearly in the black when he took over.


Now we have President Obama who had no choice when he first stepped into office, but to put the Recovery act into effect as quickly as possible and when he did, I think he did it  with style and grace. Now his next move is to get us into the black again and I admire the fact that he is going to put a freeze on government employees. If I remember correctly, Clinton did the same thing and it worked out and put us in the black.


Therefore, if you are one of those that are in the group of I do not have the faith I had when I voted Obama in to office think again and watch to see if he carries out all he has said he was going to do. Keep your mind open tonight and try to remember all the reasons that you voted for Obama and stand behind him so we can get that change that we worked so hard to get when we elected him as our 44th President of the United States.


Instead of listening to the negative people in the news, listen to the people that try to bring you the truth watch Rachel Maddow or Keith Oberman on MSNBC or Anderson Cooper on CNN. Go out and do your research and not from the paper go and read what is happening in congress read all that is happening at the White house. You can do this in two ways one watch c-span the other on the internet and read all that is being done through congress and the President it is all there in black and white where no one can dispute any of it.


Most importantly go read your history and while your there read the constitution and the declaration. Read the Gettysburg Address. Be informed, stay informed know your facts and keep it real. Let us get back to being a united country together because unity is what the United States is and has been since we became the United States.


Please, do not let all those who came before us and fought for the United States to be a free Country and brought about our Government who have fought and died be in vein. Don’t let the miracle of having our first Bi-Racial President be ruined because of all those that do not like the him for his color or the people that I believe are trying to sabotage his Presidency.


My Question to the people is this: Would you rather have a President like the past administration that keeps us in fear all the time to get his way or that is a dictator? Or, would you like to have a President that would sit down with the people and reach out to those like I am that is looking out for my best interest.


I personally would rather have a President that I can sit and have a cup of coffee with, one that is looking out for my interests like health care reform. I need healthcare reform since I have many pre-existing conditions and I have to pay so much money a month for insurance that by the time I get to pay my bills there is not enough to go around. I like many people have to use places like the local Food Bank to get food because we do not qualify for aid anywhere. We pay over $ 1,200.00 for Insurance a month including my medication and out of pocket expenses. We cannot change insurances because of my condition. So let our President Reform Healthcare so that the elderly like my husband and I can live day to day.


Let all those that are in the Congress and the Senate try to live on as little money as we do and have insurance like we have and just maybe they will find a way to pass the Health Care and give the elderly an increase. Help the young families that do not have much money, the ones that want to buy a house and more young people are trying to purchase homes and the banks will not let them. The rich are not suffering; only the ones on Main Street and at poverty level that are suffering. 


Support our President lets not fall lets unite and make a change in the United States only we the people can do it.

How can one Man Change America

I wrote this article in 2010 originally, I saw potential in a man who said vote for me so we can change America. Little did I know then that no matter how hard President Obama tried to make change happen that the Republican Party would be so down and dirty.

I am appalled at the Republican party and very ashamed that I thought I was one of them at one time. Everything they stand for in my eyes is has nothing at all to do with the people who put them in office. I only see one sided agenda's, power trips and worst of all greed.

This is not what this country stands for, if only the people of the United States would put as much energy into government as they do with all these riots around us then maybe America just might have a chance.


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    • Jim Bryan profile image

      Jim Bryan 8 years ago from Austin, TX

      I'm impressed with the entire premise of this Hub, thanks.