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Universal Card of Identity: It can Reduce Crimes and Save Everyone

Updated on October 23, 2017
Global Citizenship Card
Global Citizenship Card

There should be a universal identity card

The world is changing so fast, it is hard to keep track of it. In these times of rapid changes, we must build a system to keep crime and antisocial activities at bay. However, the current system of security and safety has serious loopholes. It is hard to separate the bad from the good and many people become victims of crime. In such an unpredictable world, we need a universal identity card.

This card should be made available online and it should offer real identity of the children who use it. The online world is full of threats and anyone can just come in contact with unnecessary evil if they are a bit careless or try to challenge something that hurts some people.

How to Issue the Card?

This card should be issued to every child. It must be able to track what the child is doing, I mean, it should not spy them, but it must identify the children who fall victim of serious crimes, such as child trafficking, online bullying and similar other crimes. It should also be available to adults and the card should be mandatory in all countries.

Just for example, the children should be barred from watching porn before they become adults. The card can help in this. If the child is found to be a minor, the porn sites should not open. Watching porn from an age that does more harm should be stopped. It can have serious mental and psychological issues later on.

For Crime Prevention

Then, those who do crimes should be barred from doing online transactions and other duties until they resort to legal processes and stop doing crime again and again. For example, those who engage in criminal activities should not be allowed to roam freely. The buses can have magnetic readers that can stop anyone from boarding the bus or train if he does not have permission to roam freely.

The card can also help people to find great initiatives, competitions and other general activities that can nurture their wellbeing. For example, the older people can get SMS about their health and financial needs when the cell phone number is linked with the card. This can make them privileged citizens.


There are however some problems in creating a universal identity card. Many countries may not want to have it, but it is really for a greater benefit of everyone and it should be initiated by common consent of every aware and able citizen.


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