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Universal Health Care potential to take away more of our rights.

Updated on June 21, 2009

Just about everyone had heard Obama wants to implement a universal health care system where everyone would be covered. Sounds good, right? Well it may not be as good as it sounds. Some of the ideas coming from the house and senate leave me shaking my head.

First to implement such a program would cost billions if not trillions or more. Where is the money coming from? Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are practically bankrupt right now. Many of the younger people believe they will not even be able to collect social security when it is their turn to apply, because the money just won't be there.

If the government insists on creating a universal health care program that will cover everyone, we would be in big trouble. Obama says it will be "affordable". It will be so affordable that everyone will be forced to have some type of health care insurance. One of the problems that I just pointed out above, is that it is not going to be affordable, since the government will have to find some way to cover the costs. They have ideas to cut back on medicare/medicaid in order to help finance the program. The problem with this is it would hurt many of the people already on medicare/Medicaid. Also, they are talking about raising taxes on everyone, which makes affordable, not all that affordable. How are they helping people pay for health care when they are raising taxes to cover it. It will be like they are hitting us twice, or paying for the full cost of the health care program through taxes.

On a personal level, we also have to question exactly what does the government consider affordable? I'm afraid affordable is not really going to be affordable. If this affordable health care is run like medicare and Medicaid there would be an income cut off point. Many times the cut off point is too low. Too many times I have seen families on welfare, and as soon as they make a dollar over the income cut off point they are dropped. When they are dropped, they now have a problem of how to pay rent, utilities, and cover the food and medical welfare use to cover.

Right now, the families do have a choice to drop medical when it means the difference between buying food and other necessities verses medical. If they are forced to buy health insurance at a higher cost, these families now have a much higher risk of not being able to afford everything.

The health care could be based on your income like gas and electric assistance is. They look at your income, mortgage, and utility costs, and say you have to pay x amount. In the mean time you are sitting there groaning with your guts wrenching and twisting inside of you wondering how the heck are you going to make that payment. They did not take into consideration of all your bills, buying gas to drive, the rising cost of daily necessities. You may not need the Internet or TV, but you do need to pay for car insurance, food if not on food stamps, gas for the car, toiletries, needed cleaning supplies, and they figure that nothing breaks down or wears out in your house or car.

The question really needs to be asked is how are they defining affordable. If people are already struggling to make ends meet can they even afford so call "affordable" health care? What about those people who are doing fairly well, but health care insurance could make a difference between going into financial difficulty or staying well off. We don't know yet how much this affordable health care for those who are not considered poor will actually cost. Will it be $20, $50, $75, $100 or more per person in a family? This could very pull down more people from the middle class into the poor class with the increased cost to the family and the potential tax raise to help cover the new federal program.

How are they going to enforce this? I have heard ideas slinging around from fining anyone who isn't insured to garnishing your wages. Maybe they will take your portion out of your pay like they do with social security. Of course they won't change any of the income guidelines for assistance programs that are based on gross, before tax, income. Now those people will feel the squeeze even more. Now they will have less money to pay for their bills with out any allowance from the assistance programs that more of their pay is being taken away.

If we are forced to take this health insurance, will we have a co-pay on top of everything else? Will we have to to go the doctor for a regular visit, or else? What if we couldn't afford the prescriptions the doctor gives us if needed? What if we don't agree or wish to use alternative medicines? Will we be able to? Will this "affordable" insurance undercut the doctor's say on an expensive treatment or surgery? Will they say we can't have this or that surgery? That treatment is too expensive, so you have to take that less expensive treatment even though it will not be real efficient.

Maybe the question should be is it constitutional for them to force everyone to have to buy insurance? Every time the government forces us to do something, it erodes away our freedom that much more. They will gain more control over us and our lives. Creating a governmental "affordable" health care plan, will more than likely create a huge medical data base on each and every individual in the system. There are concerns that private insurance will not be able to compete with a governmental health care plan, and that it will put private insurance out of business. That will not only take away our choice of what type of health care we want, but will also create a file on every individual that the government can tap into when ever they want. Neither do we know how secure it will be against hackers or others who will want access to it.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Ok, my question is: When are Americans ever going to stop thinking about their own money and start thinking about the weak? I understand we live in a very individualistic society and I understand the benefits of working for everything you have. Yet, I don't understand why this isssue is coming to selfishness where keeping your money to only benefit you and your family rather than benefit an entire nation yields. Yes, we may be taxed, but wouldn't it be for a good cause? We certainly have no problem with our taxes going to firefighters or policemen do we? And aren't they for the benefit of our safety?

      The truth is, the healthcare insurance agencies will do anything to make sure they have profit, even if they deny medical care (which is occurring more frequently). Our money right now is not going toward healthcare right now, it is going toward CEOs of drug and medical insurance agencies. Doesn't sound much better than universal healthcare to me.

    • profile image


      8 years ago


      I am a french student now carrying out researches on ur health care system reform. I have to say that I understand your concerns, that you're afraid of such an important in your life and society. But please be confident. You can't say that providing a minimum of care for everyone is "eroding your freedom". It's about rethinking the way we are living and not losing or getting money. If you don't trust me just go and visit France or even Canada and you'll see there are still middle and upper class people here.

      Trust me and you'll see your children and grandchildren will thank you !

    • Bible Studies profile imageAUTHOR

      Bible Studies 

      9 years ago from PA

      Ivan it is better to have a healthy nation, but not at the cost of the economic collapse of the nation. We are seriously hurting on all levels as it is right now. Don't let the US media fool you either thinking things are really getting better for us. We have a high unemployment rate. Those finding jobs are taking jobs that pay less than the jobs they had before. Many need to take on a second job because of it, if they can find one.

      If the people of the US can not afford Medicare right now, how are we going to afford universal health care? I do mean we and not the government. Even though the government is carrying out the program, it is the people through taxes paying for it.

      There has been a lot of talk in Senate and the House about Medicare being cut back to help fund the Universal Health care plan.

      Currently Obama is starting to change his mind on some things about the health care plan. He recently stated that he will not force anyone to obtain health care insurance. I'm highly skeptical of that. I'm wondering how many more things he will change his mind about before we actually see a something of a final bill to go through congress.

      The saga continues for now, until the government actually starts to vote on a bill.

    • Ivan the Terrible profile image

      Ivan the Terrible 

      9 years ago from Madrid

      Doctorjet, where is your proof that seniors will be cheated by this new program? I don't live in the US anymore so I don't follow this as fully as you might. But I fail to see that Medicare will be impacted by this. How? Will people who didn't pay into it be eligible for Medicare? If so, how do you know this?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Seniors paid into Medicare for years. Now Medicare will be cut to pay for health care for those who didn't pay, because this scheme will bankrupt the country if care isn't cut for everyone. Here comes health care rationing if this passes.

    • Ivan the Terrible profile image

      Ivan the Terrible 

      9 years ago from Madrid

      Just out of curiosity, RGraf, when did Lincoln say that?  I am not aware of the statement.

      Also, how much is bad health costing you in the U.S. right now?  I know there is a lot of fear out there about universal health coverage, but what are the facts?  Here in Spain we have it and it certainly costs less than having untrested illnesses soaking up the money, and people are healthier for it.  Is it not better to have a healthy nation than one that has so much bad health?  You in the U.S. are known for having bad health compared to many other first world countries.  How can you solve this if all you worry about is how much it is going to cost?

      Looking forward to a reply.

    • RGraf profile image

      Rebecca Graf 

      9 years ago from Wisconsin

      I think that like many things the government gets involved in, it could turn disasterous. Whenever you try to appease and take care of all the people who are so numerous and not from cookie-cutter molds, you will fail. Abraham Lincoln warned us of that. We cannot take care of everyone in the nation through a national plan and with every single one of them getting the best health care.


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