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University Of Oklahoma Cuts Ties With Fraternity After Racist Video Surfaces

Updated on March 9, 2015

University of Oklahoma racist video

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter of University of Oklahoma was shut down Sunday after a video spread on social media allegedly showing fraternity members chanting racist slurs. The university’s president announced all ties between OU and the SAE chapter were severed according to

The video showed some white fraternity members talking about lynching black people and not allowing them to sign up for the fraternity. The remarks are really as disgusting and racist as it gets. These young masterminds failed to consider the consequences of posting something like this on the internet and now they are being punished for their stupidity. Let's face it, the media loves the white on black hate crime topics. This makes many readers hot under the collar, and that is exactly what gets readership. No one likes to talk about so many instances of black on white racism and many videos that come up on that. I guess this is because black people are viewed as victims. I think there is a double standard here.

By the way the white kinds were not threatening to hurt anyone so I guess no one cares about the First Amendment right to free speech as long as they do not like what is being said. Let's just be honest, we are all a bit racist in the comfort of our own homes and with people who are close to us and who we know would not judge us. Maybe this is where racism is best kept; behind the closed doors of people's homes and not in publicly available videos.

I think punishing the white kids by expelling them from the school would not teach them any lesson other than not to make their racism known publicly. Such punishment would not make the youngsters any less racist. In fact, they are likely to start hating black people more because they got them in trouble.

The president of the school says that racism would not be tolerated, however, no one actually knows what would be done about it. Many people believe that the president is racist too. I see a lot of messages posted by black people on the internet wanting to beat or kill these white fraternity kids. Just imagine if they were to actually take all of these messages seriously and turn them over to the police. I guess a lot of haters would be in jail today. In the end, someone has to be an adult and someone needs to have a little class and not get too involved in this sort of nonsense.


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