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Unpopular decision

Updated on April 17, 2013
Nigeria yahoo boy wanted in the UK for jumping bail after a wholesome amount of money was found in his possession and was subsequently charged for money laundry is pardoned for the same offense down home in Nigeria by the President.

We all know the case of Chief Dipreye Alamieyeseigha, ex Governor of Bayelsa State. It is to this avail that one begin to wonder who is actually fooling who in Nigeria. What exactly is the EFCC doing? Going after kids sourcing livelihood in tiny cafes when the big cats are out there looting the country. If this yahoo boy who looted public treasure and was openly condemned by OBJ for enriching himself to the detriment of the poor masses of his state could be pardoned by President Jonathan, then where lies the credence of his much publicized fight against corruption?

Alamieyeseigha is an international fugitive from justice so pardoning him has once again shown the level of corruption in Nigeria. Let us not forget that the Federal Government of Nigeria receives assistance from the International community and various International security agencies in it's so called fight against corruption of which the United Sates of America plays a vital role therefore as majority of Nigerians cry out about the unpopular pardon, the International communities on the other hand will not fold or cross hands.

The US criticized the pardon and expressed disappointment on Goodluck J.

As a matter of fact, this pardon came at a time when the Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room, a forum of civil society organizations is demanding the arrest and extradition of Chief Dipreye Alamieyeseigha, to the United Kingdom to enable him face fresh criminal charges.

What is our leaders actually teaching us?

Sometimes i begin to ponder when one claims that he does not eat cat meat yet use his teeth to tear, cut and share it among his children.It is a big disgrace to us as a Nation and Ribadu who fought corruption during his era as the EFCC boos reacted negatively to this yahoo boy's pardon.

"The pardon was the final nail in the coffin for fighting corruption in the country"- Nuhu Ribadu


This yahoo boy is highly influential in the Niger Delta. Perhaps, Jonathan's action is aimed at this dude rallying support for him for 2015 as his popularity has dropped drastically in that region


From my own point of view, it would be better for the Federal Government to open the Nations prison gates so that all the inmates would freely walk out to the glorious embrace of their loved ones instead of pardoning crooks that forced so many descent citizens to embrace crime as a means of survival.


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