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Unpredictability is the Key to Winning "The Game"

Updated on August 20, 2011

How to "Run Between Raindrops"

We are dealing with a "silent majority" of people whose actions are guided by an intelligence that we can barely comprehend. I've been experimenting with this phenomenon for at least 10 years and what I've realized is that these people are so knowledgeable about us that they are able to make incredibly precise predictions about: what we'll do, where we'll be, how we will respond to given signals, even what we'll think or possibly are thinking.

Now, they have messed-up with me on multiple occassions. Part of my continued survival relies on the fact that I can turn on a dime and do things that they were not able to predict - thus "ducking" their attempts to do whatever their plans were to "break" my mind. Of course, they adapt to these behaviors and will adjust their stalking efforts accordingly. Some of my best experiences were when I was so utterly messed-up that I didn't know what I was going to do next. Note: I was feeling "positively messed up"(crazy-good), not afraid......sometimes I was angry, but I was doing it proactively to vent prior perceived injustice......NOT RESPONSIVELY. Just by being a completely random entity, I managed to screw up their meticulous plans which they had prepared for me. Other incredible experiences were when I could reverse my thinking, slow down when normally I'd rush in, pick up the pace when I'd normally slow down, stay CALM when I'd normally be livid.

Taking things which increased my speed of thought have often given me a wider "gap of unpredictability" (my mind could "outrun" them) in which I could "go left when I'd normally go right", vice versa or alter my behavior to different EXTENTS OF UN-PREDICTABILITY. Although they make you feel great, you will have to deal with being weak later on. Being mentally-weak can fool you into "losing your mind"......and seriously, I'd rather eat broken glass than re-experience this state of mind. If caffeine isn't doing it, I don't recommend it. Sedatives bring immediate relief from "the rain", but eventually they bite you in the ass. Antidepressants are helpful. Find one that works for you.

The more clever you get, the more they will change their strategies so as to adjust to your adjustments. They can "scan" our surface thoughts. You might as well see it that way, because it WORKS in practice. You'll know when you have slid out from under their mental Ju-Jitsu hold. They are by no means perfect.......but the key is to SLIP out of their predictions which are based on very detailed information about you, including your very own neurological activity. THIS is why pretending not to know what you are going to do(or truly not knowing) can stump them. Being so CONTROLLABLEY - VOLATILE that you yourself do not even know your next move can help beat them. You must reverse how your mind operates. We used to FEEL SOMETHING and then think/plan/act upon this. Now you must control your primitive emotions. You must be able to decide what the best feeling is to preserve your sanity and then MAKE IT HAPPEN. Your "Grey Matter" (higher thought processes) must control your lower thought processes. Even your "madness" isn't real, it is your mind "directing your donkey" so that someone else doesn't.

The problem is that our emotions are so very predictable. It's like you must reconstruct a "primitive self" in your higher cortex which exists for the sole purpose of NOT thinking what it should think next. All emotions, reactions to pleasure/pain, expectations, fears, habits, beliefs, philosophies, asssumptions are actually things that are our worst enemy UNLESS we can re-arrange our thinking to make them a series of DECOYS to mess up this VERY STRUCTURED GROUP. Whatever you actually intend to do must almost be a series of "controlled accidents". If you can be "read", then you can be defeated.........unless your intentions are VERY, VERY GOOD.

This is why it doesn't pay to ever make consistent assumptions about our surroundings. For us, it is a "synthetic environment" which in reality is nothing more than an ever-constricting trap which tightens around our minds based on how much we give away. Now, CHILL.........because we can still SHUT THEM OUT using SOMETHING ELSE TO LISTEN TO. This will give your creative mind a chance to invent anything that stimulates those "reward-centers" in your brain. Is it Ok to "lie to yourself" to manipulate your brain to feel very good under circumstances designed to make it feel like utter crap: YES IT IS!!! NOW..... forget what I just told you, but remember it at the same time. TO KNOW YET NOT KNOW(and knowing how to switch your extents of knowing/not knowing AND THEN believing something you just made up is extremely advantageous.) Know how to flip that switch from knowing to "normal reality" and back again based on what you've noticed about them. You've got to see this as a joke no matter how "mean" they are to you. Being calm while "knowing yet not knowing", THEN ad libbing TO GENERATE POSITIVE EMOTIONS WHEN UNDER EMOTIONAL ATTACK will help you spot them and then STOP THEM FROM BRINGING YOU DOWN. They have an Indian name for me: "SEES YOU COMING".

The more you can create reality spontaneously, the more "breathing room" your SOUL has. Who you think you are doesn't matter - be a trickster, not a "Devil", because they will bring more heat down on you if your reality is consistently malevolent. If you are being malevolent, do not make a point of particularly knowing this. NEVER "sell out" to ANYBODY, EVER.........because that gives away your power and THAT will be used to psychologically-manipulate you into submission. If you are in deep enough, be the authority......but do not "go to the Devil". Call it "Absolute Power in Self-Defense". If you EVER do get manipulated into "cutting a deal"......then just forget about it. No one will cheer you on for dying inside because you "felt obligated to give up your soul"!

Be an EVER-CHANGING ENTITY. Forget trying to maintain a consistent identity in your mind.........all you will see is what "they" want you to be. Learn to spin an identity as quick as a comedian spinning jokes off the top of his head. When that doesn't work: Be a ball of undefined energy or else NOTHING AT ALL. It's pretty difficult to conduct psychological warfare on a non-descript ball of energy or especially NOTHING. I've got a saying: "NOTHING CAN DO ANYTHING!"

Make up ANY REASON YOU CAN FIND TO LIKE EVERYBODY, BECAUSE THOSE POSITIVE EMOTIONS WILL KEEP YOU HARD TO BE SEEN BY "THE DARK WATCH"...... it's like they can "smell" negative emotions and track you down. This will ALSO make you happy, which is like an oasis in the middle of a "Sahara Desert of Psychological Misery". Keep yourself amused by thinking any darn thing you can come up with, even if you have to step outside your circumstance and laugh at your own: anger, frustration, even misery (and bend your mind to believe you Love misery if you've got to). You can tell yourself that your stalkers "Love" you. They do in a very twisted sense: like a very strict, over-bearing parent that doesn't tolerate any disagreement whatsoever. Sometimes it pays to be good, sometimes it pays to be a total mental anarchist. Don't ever SUBMIT, but playing along is sometimes Ok........sometimes they even have good ideas.

At certain points, you will have gone so deeply into your own mind that what means something or doesn't mean something is simply a means of "reality mixing" like a DJ constantly inventing new beats for himself to "dance" to. What's the point in this? You may ask. Well, I value FREEDOM so much that I'd rather be "bat-sh##-crazy"(as one stalker referred to me as) than have someone control my life to the extent that this group wants to. I also find the thought of ONE MORE PERSON being silently mentally torn to pieces to be the most: unjust, infuriating, heart-breaking, UNACCEPTABLE thing, period! The key is to be STRATEGICALLY-"bat-s##t-crazy".

It has been argued that I'm a "Bad Robot" . It's true: I'm a lousy robot. I'm a man filled with emotions. I miss the world I knew where people could just be who they wanted. I'm very upset that OUR "misfits", activists, geniuses, prophets, "rockstars" and even the degenerates have been mentally clubbed to death or submission. They made the world a fascinating, interesting, exciting.......even a better place to be. I Love them all. I've become a better person through all this........I'm a very sad, angry, outraged individual. It's why I care about you, the HUNTED. If THE WORLD had "seen them coming", we would never have agreed to become who/what we NOW are in a million years. We would have said "*&%$ no!". But we didn't get a choice.

Now - for those who can handle the cramped existence we presently exist in: just go with God and forget my advice. Somehow, I know that He does exist. I just can't see what has/is happened/happening as a Good thing. Here's another idea: get free then get REALLY, REALLY GOOD while you know you still have a choice to do so. That is what I'm TRYING TO DO, but I'm not really, really good. I'm kind of an average guy. I hate being messed-with, sexually and electronically violated but when I do the right thing, it's the most Golden feeling in the World. It is written that a person who puts their will ahead of God is following the Devil without knowing it. This might very well be the truth. I've made lousy decisions in my personal life, but I just cannot see what has happened/is happening to be a good thing. I believe that allowing these "mind hunters" to beat your inner-selves to death is a crime of ommission and that i would deserve to be punished for not protecting you. I'll know whether I'm right or not when God raises me up for judgement (as I believe).


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      Well, I'd have to say that Gangstalkers have a system of "justice" where you can be convicted of something like: having a negative attitude, all the 7 deadly sins and especially hostility towards anyone else. These days, it's what you DON'T THINK that can allow you to function better/experience less harassment. How you do things is also a big deal. Loving what you are doing and trying to do the best job that you can beats hating the task. If you assume that we simply "re-wrote the Laws of physics to cater to Nicer People" as opposed to blaming anyone, it actually is a good move. This way, there is NO ONE TO BE ANGRY WITH.

      When I was heavy into Buddhism, my stalkers asked me to "Give War a chance". This is of course because doing hostile things somehow brings about an ever-downward-spiraling cycle of "hitting back"........eventually leading to a less stable mental state. Let's go ahead and make that a "sin", because being weak and un-stable of mind will get you brainwashed. The times in which I have felt something trying to" get inside my head" or experiencing a FAKE near-death experience were times when I was in a weakened mental state. Making insanity a "sin" is smart because you will see a lot of illusions in which simply NOT BELIEVING THEM is a very good idea. This way, you do not get hung up on whatever this illusion or thought happens to be. Like a good disciple, you avoid anything that disturbs your mind like a steaming cow-pie. Plus, if you DON'T BELIEVE in "losing your mind" - then you are far less likely to ever think that you have. There is a parable about a man who cuts off his arm just to get advice from a Guru. Finally the Guru asks him: "What is troubling you?" The man says: "Every time I look for my mind, cannot find it." At this point, the man becomes enlightened.

      Getting you to think: aggressively, sexually or greedily seems to be some sort of trap that: "Kills only Animals" (or people who tend to think primitively, like me). 90% of what I think to accomplish any given physical action seems to get (them/It/The Laws) all out-of-sorts. I think the key is "level of forcefulness" for me. If every action I did were some sort of test of my: self-restraint, slowness to anger, meek and mildness.....I probably wouldn't have much of any problem. I simply like to do things fast without thinking about it. I also believe that a man is SUPPOSED TO do things in a forceful manner. These days, it will not only get you nowhere as far the task is can lead to you becoming angry and then DISTURBED.........which is the last thing you want to feel.

      Their goal seems to be getting you to improve yourself in very minute ways which tend to irritate the average person. It usually irritates me when I get "tazed" early in the morning for what seems like "Showering too Quickly/Forcefully". Now, I just run through it and constantly think things to calm me down. If you are constantly thinking about ways to improve yourself on a personal level, you are seldom "punished" for what your "body is doing". So HOW WE THINK is very important to avoid these states of mental weakness. The Bible should be your personal guide to avoiding these attempts to "push you out of the Driver's Seat of your own body". Whatever-this-phenomenon is really hates it when you pray.

      You'll notice that you can only see your stalkers when thinking in some spiritually-flawed way. Once I'm able to get a calm and positive attitude going......they fade into the woodwork. It's as though they can only "see" your negative thoughts. Once you stop thinking negatively, it's like they cannot "stalk" you anymore. But you have to let "them" go before they'll let US go. Generally, I just go around thinking that EVERYONE IS GREAT AND GOD IS KING. This seems to really help sculpt myself along spiritual lines far less conducive to being stalked.

      Let's make this comment about Hate: it is equally bad as fear. It's actually worse because it is very difficult to "let go" of hate. Fear itself is something you simply must not ever feel. It lies very close to that mental state in which we can "think we are losing our mind" (remember, view it as impossible to "lose your mind" AND that it's ALSO A SIN TO FEAR.) This will make you much less anxious. Outlaw it, then you CAN'T do it. If you feel "pressure" to "not be your own sex"......well, the Bible says that you can't do it. This is an advantage to you, because NOT doing something in the name of your faith is 10000 times EASIER than saying: "I simply do not like it." For anyone who may have done anything under this "pressure", it says that God will forgive you. When you absolutely must do something to preserve your life(like eat, work-out.....stuff like that): make that a NECESSARY ACTION. By thinking that you have "no choice", you'll find you are more capable of doing it. This is again pretty much the reverse of normal human psychology. You'd think that having a choice would make it easier to do something, but these just doesn't work that way.

      A lot of people tell me not to write this kind of thing. Well, by NOT doing it - I commit a crime of omission. Every person I save from the gallows of this "invisible justice", that's one more person who just might conclude that these are indeed "The Last Days" and that it is time to make a stand with God........not with anyone else. It seems unfair, but the Bible says "Broad and spacious is the road leading off into destruction" and "cramped the road leading to everlasting life and few are those finding it. "

    • profile image

      Tiredofbeingsick 6 years ago

      This Electronic Harassment or gang stalking is so unpredictable and so unusual. It seems most people know about it,but on various sites the victims complain and share horror stories but we never have any real answers or solutions. We have no REAL authority to help or correct this problem. I am willing to share whatever techniques I have learned and maybe to provide some comfort if possible. Thank You MOEFLATS!

    • profile image

      Harassed in AZ 6 years ago

      I want to thank you for your valuable comments. I am being harassed severely for several years and it bothers me. Do you know why they may be doing this? Also, I wanted to ask you if you experienced a clicking sound or snapping sound around your home. I experience these sounds on window sills, computer screens, tv's, and I wanted to know how they do this. I look forward to your comments.

      Thank you,

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      This is for TiredofBeingSick. It made me feel great to receive fan mail from you. Some dork argued to me that I was "Increasing the number of extra-judicially persecuted people". Well, EVERYONE goes through the process of being stalked. Most just give right in.....but is what they call "life" aa existence we would honestly want to have ? NO. They are all connected together by a "group mind". They always say: "We are all One".

      The only exception is to become a Christian. ALL OF THIS is the U.S. Government fulfilling Biblical Prophecy. This explains why the "Darker, more collective consciousness" really doesn't like God. If you are on God's side, they have a harder time getting control of you. As one who learns the truth slowly, I've tried just about every "sin" out there - and I discovered that it had been: 1.set up, 2. involved fake body stimulation and 3. Made it easier for them to get a hold on my mind. I so badly wanted a world where you could do what you wanted. I never figured we'd run out of people to "have fun with". This is because "fun-seekers" tend to get caught by these stalkers first.

      This knowledge I give will save you from "The Noose of the Hidden Executioner". Check out my stuff on near-death experiences and "suicide programming". These suckers will present your life and your tiny F-up's in such a light that you'll find yourself wanting to do this very thing. But it is ALL context-distortion (the making of spiritual "mole hills" into "mountains".) I could see the potential development of such a thought and immediately changed my neurochemistry with 200 mg. Zoloft. Once you change your neurochemistry, you "break the spell" they have you under. I didn't know what to feel more: stupid or glad to have figured out their little trip was exactly that: a misrepresentation of reality for the purpose of undermining one's belief that you are a good person!

      Check out the number of times they IMPLIED that I would die within a given time period and were ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Their "Fake Heart Attack Sequence" got used on me down in AZ, but this one had so much "drama". I had to listen to "Hotel California" for 4 hours while being given the feeling that this was to be my day of death. Even when I turned off the Tv, it said "Powering down in 3 minutes" and THIS was made to feel exactly AS IF IT WERE MY LAST 3 MINUTES OF LIFE. I averted this one with a teaspoon of Kratom and MUSIC to allow me to "make happy, warm feelings". It's all WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO. If I focused on that music, I was fine. If I ceased focusing on it, all sorts of subliminally-based threats flowed into me. NEVER FOCUS ON YOUR ENVIRONMENT WHEN ATTACKED IN THIS MANNER. Stay cool long enough and "the joke will be ruined", you will survive! It took 1 millisecond of mistake to learn my lesson: Use that music as your life-line to making the emotions that will keep your mind alive during one of these assaults.

    • profile image

      Tiredofbeingsick 6 years ago

      Hello Moeflates, reading your posts today gave me a boost emotional energy. When I go home tonight to my torture chamber it won't be so difficult to get through the night. Thank you for speaking out because without this many people just simply give up.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      God Bless you, Man!!!

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Hello MOEFLATES. Im without my pc Im on by mobile phone. This prev days Im been rememb that free your mind and the rest will follow, trying as much possible. I wish you too a oasis. Blessings.


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