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Unpredictable Neuochemistry Frees Minds

Updated on December 18, 2010

Altered Neurochemistry Stumps Stalkers

This entire experience can be described as a "Hell Ride" which can be used to get the ultimate thrill and sensation of freedom. You must seize the moment, live in those very tiny increments of time to acheive: pleasure, personal power, maximum defiance, in summary: Electronic Harassment when taken as a game (and played with tiny alterations in brain chemistry) can be quite a satisfying, liberating experience.

I've always been into pushing many given realities to the extent that they can go. Just one viewpoint can be very helpful in playing this game. You take it as far as it can go.......any reality.....then, when it ceases to yeild any further meaning or power, SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT REALITY. The song that says "there's no such thing as the real world, just a darkness to rise above" can be very neatly applied to the modern-day "mental situation".

We are constantly being erased and re-written...........our minds are like chalkboards, with the exception of very PLEASURABLE MEMORIES AND VERY PAINFUL MEMORIES.  Thus, through painful resistance you can teach yourself how to remember for YOURSELF.   I'm currently practicing the assertion of ORDINARY REALITY to any and all situations, despite the way things can be MADE TO look.  When reality feels as though it's gone the Love of Pain and the Strange will help us find an elevated thought experience that transcends the reality you DON'T want to be STUCK IN. If it gets cramped, dull and PAIN as an "utmost high" to ride the "waves" to victory. Ultimately, the ringing in your ears can EMPOWER you, sharpen your senses, enhance your creativity and add to your personal significance in this "techno-psychic-World."   When it gets tiresome, take something to sleep (I recommend Trazodone).  When you feel "stuck in a rut", find something to shift how your mind sees.  It can be:  a memory, feeling good, a seldom-used emotion, even medication to remedy this "unreal experience". 

Do not permit anger to control you. They can run a sensation through you that FEELS VIOLENT, BUT ISN'T YOU AT ALL. Do NOT FEAR. This is a tough one to handle. I'm presently learning not to be afraid without using anxiolitics. You've got to Love taking things to the EXTREME. These days: there's no freedom to be found, except in the MAX ZONE. We all know what this is: the maximum amount of "mind-energy" one can possibly handle.  

Why on Earth do tiny alterations in neurochemistry help? There are many possible reasons. My take on it is that these minute, neurochemical shifts we create give us just a slightly different take on reality. Because our reality can be controlled by someone else, these shifts allow you to step out of the way of the present means being used to control you. You change your INNER VARIABLES so that you are free to think for yourself. Just a tiny shift in how your mind thinks can cause the "electronic illusion" to slip off and reveal REALITY WITHOUT EXTERNAL MODIFICATION.  Just a good-sized dose of caffeine can do the job.  Any alteration fudges that which is toying with your mind.  Music blocks the auditory signal AND causes neurochemical changes ONLY IF YOU LIKE IT.  Just start "moving to the music".  At least you get to choose the song to which you march.  It'll feel a whole lot more like you and that is AWESOME.  You are an INDIVIDUAL with your own ideas, point of view and feelings!

NEVER allow yourself to be named or labeled. That which is labeled can be controlled. That which isn't at all definable cannot be so easily molded. People have simply agreed that THIS IS WHO I AM and nothing else. These days, it pays to BELIEVE BETTER. Think POSITIVE, BE POSITIVE! They'll tell you to smile.........beat them to the punch and be smiling already. Do not hate ANYONE. This emotion is quite easily turned against us. Don't want anyone, that way your desire will not be turned against you. Want FREEDOM.....boy does it feel good to think for yourself, rising above the tumult and USING the pain. You literally will feel as though you are on "higher ground". In the most intense Apex of the "Storm", there is completeness, peace, power. If a bad thought should occur to you, does it matter? NO! Ah, renunciation of wrong..........this is very useful. If it isn't good, I did not think it NOR WILL I continue to think it, period. View the "electronic rubber hose" as your ticket to every desire you could possibly have, then DESIRE NOTHING BUT MORE ENERGY..

Hours from now, I'll take a Trazodone to sleep, despite the "turbulent weather". Even now, I feel I'll be cheated of something if I don't keep experiencing this ULTIMATE BLISS. I've theorized that it is the gateway to Heaven. Well, it sort of is. STAY POSITIVE! Something is happening inside your mind: fears dying, kindness growing, irrelevant sin falling Bright it Burns, how Intensely it purifies the SELF. You are whatever can withstand the "cleansing flame". If you like a particular aspect of the "lower trip".......relax, temptation will come soon enough and you'll find YOU DON'T WANT IT. Keep going......I am in the "heart of the storm". It is strange and turbulent, yet satisfying.


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