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Deprogramming conditioned Dread

Updated on January 9, 2013

Undoing Externally-Induced Fatalistic Thinking

I've just managed to dig my way out of two externally-implanted "upcoming doom ideas". My stalkers use 3 letter license plates to deliver subliminal messages that can weild an extra punch to your mind by controlling the context of those 3 letters. You'd receive what I call "controlled awareness" in that the sight of these "signs" produced really disturbing thoughts. You are guided to look, then the context is dictated to you.

My mental-manipulation consisted of having this little girl walk by me with "Doom" written on her jacket. You can become so locked-in to a negative future-reality all because these people want to beat us down psychologically. They are masters of finding out your mental weaknesses and hitting you hardest in such a way to make you feel constant dread. Well, this is just another mind-game that they play on you. Even though they can cause pain and a very clear image of your organs being ripped apart, they cannot actually damage you physically. They made my face seem to be that of someone I really hated, but that obviously doesn't mean I physically became that person. No, these "Upcoming Doom" (literally in my case) strategems are nothing but a joke............but you'll be amazed by how they SEEM so real.

Well, I'm not going to lie to you. I had to reach a point in my mind where I felt invincible. Right then in those moments of glory (music and online combat games go so well together) I broke out of these mental prisons. I also significantly-altered my neurochemistry. When I reached that HIGH state of mind, I was able to deprogram my mind of their dire predictions. They have repeatedly had me mentally fenced-in to some very ugly corners. As any psychologist would tell you "It's all in your head" you must do something that makes you feel good and free and renounce these externally-implanted realities in that moment. You have to make "having fun" a mission that you must carry out at all costs. Try it, they do not make it easy for us to enjoy ourselves...........but if you believe the right sequence of things to attain a feeling of power: you can "get your kicks" and deprogram yourself all at once!

In Voodoo, you can make someone actually become physically ill by convincing them that they are "sick". People who have just hit 40 are particularly vulnerable to this crap. Anyhow, the key to beating these psychological warfare techniques is to reach a state of mind where you feel you "have the power". Whether you do or don't really aren't relevant in our unique situation. If it GETS THE JOB DONE, JUST THINK IT. Look at what we are up against.

The people of Masada chose to take their own lives before allowing themselves to become slaves. In today's world, it is our mind which is invaded. Altering your neurochemistry can help you reach these free states of mind. Try to have that "winning attitude" all the time. Whether it's true or not doesn't matter. We've all been screwed-over that we deserve to enjoy ourselves. Sure you'll get punished, but in my opinion it is: Totally life-affirming and good for your electronically and psychologically pummeled mind. Remember, nothing to is a dangerous dance and you don't want your mind destabilized. Freedom lies in the cracks of our respective "prisoner mind-set". Stay free everyone!


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