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Up-Close Video Taken by Las Vegas Taxi Driver Suggests Multiple Shooters

Updated on October 25, 2017

"Taxi Driver" Video

In an up-close video taken by a taxi driver who was in the driveway of the Mandalay Bay at the start of the shooting in Las Vegas, a distant burst of gunfire can be heard long after a shorter, ear-splitting burst in close proximity to the driver. The fire takes place too long after the initial short burst to be an echo, and clearly sounds like a second firing position. The contrast can be heard in the first minute of the video.

Multiple witnesses have recorded their recollections of the concert and have steadfastly maintained that there was more than one shooter.

The initial, very close, very loud burst of automatic gunfire takes place soon after the driver starts recording the video. Then, after a silence of about 40 seconds, in the distance, another, longer burst of automatic fire can be heard. The deeper, longer, lower-frequency burst sounds hundreds of yards away.

The driver then circles though the garage and around the property, until she comes upon people running and jumping over fences. A panicked group hails the driver and implores her to get them away from the area.

Some have opined that the distant gunfire is actually Paddock turning the muzzle inward and shooting at the security guard, thus muting the gunfire. But the most recent official timeline of events claims that Paddock first fire was at the security guard at 9:58pm, then outward at the crowd at 10:06, after an eight minute interval of silence. This conflicts with what is heard in the taxi video, loud fire, followed by distant fire.

People have also questioned why it took police a full hour and twenty minutes after the security guard, wounded in the leg, had called in Paddock's position to breach the door and find him already dead.

The video is part of a flood of citizen-produced raw footage and audio which is changing the way news reportage of seminal events takes place. The footage is often much closer and more intimate than what is broadcast from major media outlets, allowing the viewer much closer access to the event as it takes place and to the crime scene. These sources, after they have gone viral on the Internet, are sometimes picked up by mainstream outlets.

Technology has also allowed citizens to capture and record police scanner audio, detailing the chatter of authorities as an event unfolds. In police scanner audio captured during police activity as the shooting took place, police can be heard saying, at one point, "confirmed at least two shooters," causing some people to doubt the veracity of official accounts.

Multiple witnesses have also testified that many of the emergency exits to the venue were found block by fleeing concert-goers, contrary to strict laws governing concert safety, creating what witnesses have described as a "kill box."

The Las Vegas shooting was the worst mass shooting thus far in US history, surpassing the Orlando, Florida shooting in 2016, in which 49 people died.

Analysis of Taxi Driver Video


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