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Update: The Murder Before Christmas: Jonathan Foster's Family Speaks Out

Updated on January 4, 2011
Mona Nelson in court, charged with the murder of Jonathan Foster
Mona Nelson in court, charged with the murder of Jonathan Foster

Jonathan Foster Remembered, Jan. 4, 2011

A sad day in Houston, Texas:

Overcast with dark clouds and oh so many tears. Jonathan Foster is laid to rest. The child that has captured Houston's heart is being lowered into the ground when he should have been home playing with his new Christmas toys and his friends.

Jonathan's uncle, Glenn Scrimsher, and his maternal grandmother, Mary Gifford, spoke to a Channel 13 reporter.

One of the first things that Jonathan's family has asked of the public and the media is that David Davis not be referred to as Jonathan's stepfather, stating that he never took on the role of any type of father figure to the boy. They have expressed that he was related to Jonathan through marriage only and never made any attempt to be anything more to Jonathan than what his documented status was as the husband of Angela Davis.

Glenn Scrimsher stated that it was he whom was more of a father to Jonathan than anyone. Jonathan had lived off and on with Scrimsher, his wife and six other children. They hunted and fished together like any good father and son would do. He was the only father figure that the young boy has ever had and it's clear that Mr. Scrimsher loved his nephew and wanted him to remain with their family. But it was not to be. Jonathan returned to his mother's home only to meet his death at the hands of Mona Nelson. The family has refused to speculate or confirm or deny any rumors of David Davis' involvement in Jonathan's murder or why Mona Nelson would implicate him. Jonathan had lived with the Scrimsher's from the age of 6 to 11.

Mary Gifford, Jonathan's maternal grandmother, spoke of how obedient and polite Jonathan was. "When he loved, he loved you." He didn't care that you had to ground him because he didn't do his homework or whatever the case may be. That was just him." (Quoted from Channel 13 website.)

"All his manners and the way he carried himself, that was me, instilling on him how to grow up and be a man and I think he did that until the end," said Schrimsher. (Quote from Channel 13 website).

Unable to answer the question:

Prosecutor Connie Spence spoke to Channel 13, saying "I'm sure everybody is curious as to why this happened, why this defendant is involved with a 12-year-old little boy, and I can't answer that right now."

The DA's office believes that Nelson acted alone but cannot comment any further on the motive at this time.

Nelson's Attorney Allen Tanner has spoken to Channel 13 by phone, "She is not the cold, soul-less killer police are making her out to be."

(Uh, okay, Allen. That certainly clears things up for us now. With Tanner on her side, she'll be "Dead Woman Walking" in no time.)

This case proves more interesting everyday. I'll keep y'all posted. RIP Jonathan Foster and may God be with your family.

If you'd like to see the article on the Channel 13 website, I have provided a link below.


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