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Update: Twas The Murder Before Christmas: Did Mona Nelson Act Alone?

Updated on January 5, 2011
Activist Quanell X
Activist Quanell X
Mona Yvette Nelson, (Accused Murderer) and Jonathan Foster (Victim)
Mona Yvette Nelson, (Accused Murderer) and Jonathan Foster (Victim)

January 5, 2011

Did Mona Nelson act alone in the case of Jonathan Foster?:

Not according to Activist Quanell X.

Quanell X has been involved in this case since Nelson's arrest, by request of the suspect and her family. He is known for his radical Muslim beliefs and activism on the part of African Americans accused in various crimes. While many see him as a sensationalist and a publicity hound, he is, in the eyes of the African American community, a Savior, able to leap tall prosecutors in a single bound! A champion of the underdog who could tow a Winnebago with his teeth! The minute she was questioned in connection with Jonathan Foster's death, I'm quite sure that Mona Nelson's wheels were turning and Quanell X was the first superhero that came to mind.

Can Quanell really be THAT stupid?

Apparently, he can. He consistently insists that Mona Nelson had no motive to kill the child all the while saying that he believes a drug debt was involved.

Well, as I've written before, a drug debt is the motive if such a debt existed. One has to wonder if Quanell realizes that he's contradicting himself.

Then there's Quanell's belief that Nelson did not act alone and that there's much more to this case than what we know.

I'll have to agree with him that there is much more to the case than we are privy to but as far a Nelson's solitary involvement, that is something that I will have to comment on once the trial is underway and we have more insight and details regarding this case.

Mona Nelson has pointed the finger at David Davis, stating that he paid her to get rid of Jonathan's body.

My question is, why would she take the chance? Why in the world would anyone become involved in the dumping of a child's body if they didn't have to?

Mona says it was because she was drunk on Vodka and needed the $20.

Now, come on! We're talking dumping a body! With forensics and good Detectives involved, who is really going to take that chance for a friend or anyone else? Unless this woman is as dumb as a box of rocks, I find her explanation a load of B.S.

Prosecutor Connie Spence:

"Right now, I don’t know exactly what the motive is," Spence said. "Really, there’s probably only one person who knows that, and she has an attorney at this point." (Quoted from channel 11, website).

In other words, we don't know why she would kill this sweet, young boy and she's not coping to it. Since his appointment as Nelson's lawyer, Allen Tanner, isn't saying much. Can you blame him? He's trying to save his client from the needle. He's doing his job. I'd be tight-lipped myself in his shoes.

The gospel according to Quanell X:

Quanell is sticking to his guns at this point and thus far has only shown support for Mona Nelson. "She appears to be a hardened lady – you know, a tough lady. Tough enough to where she would try to protect others who were involved in this," he said. (Quote from Channel 11 website).

Appears to be a tough lady? I'm sure there are men that wouldn't want to have a run-in with this woman. She's definitely earned her jail tattoos if she has any. But, I'm sorry, I don't see Mona Nelson as protecting anyone but herself. How many of us would let a Capitol Murder charge be placed on ourselves and NOT tell the police who, if anyone else was involved. How many of us would take the rap all by our onesies if others were involved? Yes, she did try to implicate David Davis as the murderer but that remains to be proven. If someone else were truly involved, Mona would be singing like a canary. Nah, Quanell, that dog don't hunt!

My theory:

I think it went this way. (Based on what I know about the details of the case)

Mona Nelson is owed money for some drugs she scored for Jonathan's mother, Angela Davis.

Angela, who has probably promised to pay Mona by Christmas Eve has not paid up. (Angela has a past history of drug abuse, so the idea is not so far-fetched.) Mona is upset at not having been paid on time. She's going to get her money, or get her revenge.

Angela Davis gets a call from Jonathan first:

Jonathan asks for the phone number of his mother's roommate. Now, why would Jonathan need his mother's roommates phone number? Probably because Mona Nelson used the excuse that she was a friend of the roommate and that's how she gets Jonathan to let her in the house. She's asking for the phone number so Jonathan calls his mom to find out. Mona now knows that Angela Davis is at work and Jonathan is completely alone and vulnerable.

Angela Davis claims she then received a phone call from a raspy voiced woman while she was at work.

The caller is heard asking Jonathan if his mother's name is Angela Davis and Jonathan is heard saying "Yes Ma'am, my mother's name is Angela Davis." Davis claims she didn't recognize the voice. Why would she really? Nelson is only an acquaintance. She's probably not spoken too many times to her on the phone.

Angela Davis claims that the caller makes some sort of threats against her son and tells her she'd better get home, that it's an emergency.

Angela rushes home from work, frantically calling the house but getting no answer. We don't know what threats the woman made to Angela against Jonathan but I'm sure it was something along the lines of "Bitch, you got my money?" and Angela's answer "No, not yet" and Mona saying "I told you what would happen if you didn't have my money by Christmas Eve, didn't I?"

(Obviously, I'm taking creative license with the dialogue, but remember, this is only my theory of the events that might have taken place.)

Angela knows that this woman means business which is why she's calling frantically trying to get a hold of Mona and calls the house right up until the time she arrives home. Unfortunately, it's too late.

The murder:

Mona Nelson is seething with rage. She wants to hurt Angela Davis and teach her a lesson. She takes the young boy to her home and ties him up with the twine that is later found in her home by the police.

She's out of control and God help that little boy, she take the blowtorch to him in a blinding rage. Oblivious to his cries and the agony he's in, she keeps it up until he's dead. I hope to God that I'm wrong on that but based on what the coroner said, Jonathan may still have been alive when she started on him with the blowtorch.

Burn marks on the carpet:

Mona claims the burn marks on the carpet happened months ago. Okay then, lets see some documentation saying she asked for it to be replaced.

But I have a bigger question: Why would Mona Nelson, a welder herself, be welding anything in her home in a carpeted room? You'd have to be a complete idiot to take a chance welding something inside your home, let alone on your carpet unless there was no other way you could do that particular project you're working on.

My answer: Mona isn't thinking straight while she's enraged. The boy is right there and she attacks him with the blowtorch. She accidentally burns the carpet when she's in the process of burning him.

No one ever said that a murderer always has to be rational. This woman was driven by rage. The mother, who lied to the police in the first place is not going to tell the Detectives that she owed Mona money for drugs. She's going to stick to her story. If you see the videos of Angelo Davis and the way she answers questions, it's obvious, (at least to me) that the woman is higher than a kite. Yes, yes, yes, I do take into consideration the stress involved and how it might affect her, but my gut feeling after 13 years of law enforcement tells me I'm right.

She's not going to admit she has a drug problem nor that Mona Nelson is her dealer. She's scared and she knows the public already knows about her addictions and past record of CPS investigations against her. That poor kid never had a chance once he'd left his uncle's home. Half his life had been spent with his Uncle being the only stable person in his life. It's a sad, sad thing that Jonathan went back to his mother. A tragic mistake.

So, I agree with Quanell X...

on one point alone-that there is much more to this case than we know. But that's the only point that I agree with him on. Honestly, I think the man is blinded by his bid for publicity and media attention.

In my opinion, the man has intellect of a ham sandwich. I've no problem with his defending the underdog or sticking around to see that the people he's taken under his wing are treated fairly and civilly. I've got a big problem though with the media sensation he creates and the absolutely ludicrous statements he often makes. If a black man walks into a Subway Sandwich shop, robs them and kills them all and then makes himself a sandwich and enjoys it while standing over the bodies, Quanell would find a way to justify it. "He was starving and his mother called him "Dummy" when he was 9 years old and he was forced to take an annual bath! He didn't know they would really die if he shot them with a 12 gauge!" I can just hear the collective "Awwwww" reverberating through the crowd at the press conference.

Stay tuned:

So, once more we're given just a tidbit of information to feast upon and of course it just leads to even more questions. Hang in there, people. I'll update again as the information trickles out, so stay with me.

Rest in peace, Jonathan. The truth will eventually come out!

(See link to the Channel 11 story below)


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      QX is a shitbag.

    • Rebelchick1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Di Troia 

      6 years ago

      I agree, Rebecca. The man is a complete media-hound-racist! Just like that damned LULAC that will defend the guiltiest amongst the Mexican population. I can understand cultural advocates but when they start crowing innocence for the guilty regardless of the race, it disgusts me!

    • profile image

      Rebecca Smith 

      6 years ago

      Quanell X is a worthless shit sack. When those 11 blacks raped that 10 year old mexican girl in Texas, he went to that city & had a blacks only community meeting wherein he said the victim looked like a whore, laughingly questioned if men were supposed to ask for ID before they 'had sex' (yes, plus several went to her school & knew her age) and then demanded to know why NO WHITE PEOPLE had been arrested (not why no hispanics, etc., since the girl was hispanic, but just only white people) WELL QUANELL shitface, because no whites were involved.

      He continuously gets involved with the most heinous people in the worst types of criminal cases and defends them. He is scum, he is a lowlife racist white hating scourge. I hate him.

    • Rebelchick1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Di Troia 

      6 years ago

      Unfortunately, there has been no update that I've found to date. I imagine it's all being delayed by the various legal maneuvers and that taking place.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I cant seem to find anything recent about this. What is going on? I haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened 5 months ago....

    • Rebelchick1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Di Troia 

      7 years ago

      Lol, thank you, Huntress. I agree. What a shame the child was taken from the only stable, loving home he'd ever known. :( Oh, and I agree that Quanell X is a racist. That's the only race issue in all this. Anyone claiming that Mona's arrest was racially motivated or that she killed that boy because he was white is off the charts ignorant, lol. Thank you for your comment. I'm in complete agreement with you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      LMAO at your last comment. Funny. I appreciate your article. I think Quanell X is a racist, and media hound. And all evidence, including video points at Mona Nelson, and no other. It's a shame that the boy was brought out of his safe home at his uncles, at all.

    • Rebelchick1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Di Troia 

      7 years ago

      Might I suggest that you avoid alcohol altogether in the future? It's apparently affected your reading comprehension abilities. That nut from the Arizona shooting spree makes more sense than you do. Try actually reading the entire articles before you say something stupid again.

    • Rebelchick1 profile imageAUTHOR

      Tina Di Troia 

      7 years ago

      Off about what? I NEVER said race had anything to do with the case. I don't know where you're getting that. I've always said too that I think she acted alone. My hub was about the latest updated information and what theories are arising. Read it again if you didn't get the first time! Read them all because I've always said race had nothing to do with it and that she acted alone. Quanell X is suggesting she didn't act alone, not me! I think it's possible that she's a sexual predator as well but she's nothing like Dahmer. Dahmer had issues of abandonment and being alone and wanted to keep his victims with him and he was a cannibal. There is no comparison here. You obviously have not read up on what the psychologist have to say about him. And what the hell does your drinking wine have to do with Mona Nelson or Jeffrey Dahmer? Dahmer didn't kill cause he'd had two glasses of wine and neither did Mona Nelson and guess what, Dahmer's claim he didn't remember killing could have been a LIE??? Duh! Did you consider that? I'm afraid if anyone's off, you are! And you weren't even close to the correct spelling of his name. My hub is a summary update of the developments in the case so I have no idea where you came up with the race issue or me being off on anything. I'm reporting what's being said in the media.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I think you're off. Mona Nelson was a maintence worker, and had the ability to get thru the door because of that reason alone. I believe she is a sexual predator with the mind of a Jeffrey Daumber(msp?). He too claimed he couldn't remember killing his second victim even though the victim was lying right next to him. He was drinking.

      I once upon a time drank wine, and stopped entirely when I was stopped by police, taken in to custody, and two WEEKS later, looked at the tapes, not remembering ONE thing. I was fortunate that the police were so kind to me. MONA NELSON IS GUILTY; The color of her skin has no bearing on her internal malfunctions.


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