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Update: Twas The Murder Before Christmas: Mourners pay last respects

Updated on January 6, 2011
Mourners gather for the funeral service for Jonathan Foster
Mourners gather for the funeral service for Jonathan Foster
Friends of Jonathan Foster
Friends of Jonathan Foster
Mona Nelson on the day of her arrest.
Mona Nelson on the day of her arrest.

Friends and family say a sad goodbye

Friends and family gathered to say their last goodbyes to the little boy so cruelly murdered and discarded in ditch on Christmas Eve.

Jonathan Foster's Uncle, Glenn Scrimsher was quoted by Channel 11 as saying "He caught his first fish with me. He went hunting for the first time with me. He loved the outdoors."

While Jonathan's classmates, family and friends struggle to understand how or why Mona Nelson could have done this, there seems to be no answers forthcoming. Nelson's court appointed Attorney Allen Tanner is keeping quiet for the time being and Prosecutor Connie Spence is unable to provide the public with any additional information.

Jonathan Foster had a public funeral yesterday at the Garden Oaks Baptist Church. Mourners filed in and out past an urn holding the young boy's cremated remains with a picture of Jonathan next to it.

"I can’t understand why they would hurt such a boy," said Victoria Pallares, who attends Durham Elementary School near Garden Oaks. (Quote from Channel 11 News website)

As the article on the website stated, the question "Why?" simply cannot be answered at this time.

Jonathan's grandmother told Channel 11 yesterday, "We all have guilt. Why weren’t we able to save this little boy?"

I'm afraid that is a question that will remain unanswered for some time.

RIP Jonathan.


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