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Update: Twas The Murder Before Christmas: Quanell X Talks Judgment, Jan. 3, 2011

Updated on January 4, 2011
Activist Quanell X
Activist Quanell X
Mona Yvette Nelson and victim Jonathan Paul Foster
Mona Yvette Nelson and victim Jonathan Paul Foster

Activist urges the public not to rush to judgment

Mona Lawyer's Up:

Monday, Jan 3, 2011

Earlier today, Mona Yvette Nelson was appointed an attorney in the 182nd District Court by Judge Judge Jeannine Barr.

Nelson's Attorney, Allen Tanner has not yet been available for comment.

Quanell says:

"I don't believe this case is solved at all and I would urge the public not to rush to judgment."

Yes, Quanell, we know, "innocent until proven guilty", and so it should be for every citizen. (We have to give him that one, folks.) Ah, but time will indeed tell. In fact, time will scream it from the mountain tops when the prosecutor, Harris County Assistant District Attorney Connie Spence gets her teeth into this defendant. (My opinion of course but I can tell you that Connie Spence is NO shrinking violet.)

Allen Turner, reporter for the Houston Chronicle has quoted Assistant DA Spence as saying she is "satisfied with the investigation by the Houston Police Department. They did an excellent job."

Spence is reportedly confident that more evidence will be found within the crime lab results and when the investigation is completed. She asserts that the investigation is still ongoing.

Quanell X stated earlier (based on his interview with Nelson):

"I believe this case is a drug debt. I do not believe she had a motive to kill the boy."

My take on this:

Umm, what the hell does that mean? Sorry, Quanell, are you saying perhaps there is NO motive for the killing but there's a drug debt? That a drug debt could never result in a motive to kill or get revenge? I mean, here's a newsflash for ya, Q! Drug dealers have been known to hurt, maim and/or kill a "customer's" family members if a drug debt that they are owed is not paid! There's your motive, Genius!!!

Jonathan's mother has been known to have drug abuse problems in the past. She gets drugs on credit, she can't pay for them by Christmas Eve, Mona is pissed and takes her son and murders him! Could it not have gone that way? Where there is murder, there is motive but it doesn't mean that the motive has to make sense to anyone but the murderer.

So, QX, if you're looking for a nicely packaged motive with a bright red bow on top that can be disputed or defended on Ms. Nelson's behalf, it likely may never surface because murder is ugly and senseless and it doesn't always come wrapped up like the Pos-T-Vac your grandpa ordered last week, capisci? Life and death, rhyme and reason are not always so cut and dried. So shout out "What was her motive?" and tell us she had no reason to kill that child all you like because even if we never find out what the motive was behind this atrocity, it will not change the fact that this woman in all likelihood murdered this child. And so far the evidence against her is damning and probably mounting with every lab test.

The Maintenance Defense:

The defendant claims that the burned carpet found in her home had been burned months ago and that she'd contacted the landlord to have maintenance repair it.

Fair enough. Let's see the work order then or at least a statement from the landlord stating that Mona Nelson, (who is an apartment maintenance worker herself,) made a request to have her burned carpet replaced months ago.

Most apartment complexes require that a work order be filled out by the resident when maintenance is requested. Perhaps this is an informal procedure where Mona lives, who knows? If that's the case, a sworn statement from the apartment manager or landlord might suffice. But then again, Mona is one scary lady and who knows, the landlord may be intimidated by the former boxer who looks like she could kill a Moose with one punch, thank you very much! It will come down to witness credibility.

But there's another problem. Houston Police detected the smell of a human body in that area of the burned carpet in Mona's apartment. Now, I can tell you from experience as a former law enforcement officer that there is no mistaking the smell of burnt, human flesh! It's sickening and nearly as bad as a decomposing body. Those two specific odors are easily identified by any seasoned police officer or Detective and they are UNMISTAKABLE! There is nothing like those two odors in the world. You only have to smell them once and it's with you for life. It's not difficult to tell the difference between the smell of burned, dirty carpet and burned human flesh and hair. I think these Detectives would know what they're smelling.

So once again we are left with more questions than answers but rest assured, I'll be nosing around for any additional details and as soon as I get them, I'll be hubbing them. Stay tuned, and happy hubbing.


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