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Us Constitution on life support - Part two

Updated on April 13, 2015

4th amendment violations

The 4th amendment

Previously, I spoke of the 1st and 2nd amendment, and how those rights are being ignored by the narcissist oligarchs on both sides of the isle. We’ll now move onto the 4th amendment and the issue of search and seizure, done without probable cause, or an issuing of a search warrant. There are two pieces of legislation that were passed by congress, that severely crippled this right to privacy, the Patriot Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act, also known as the NDAA. The NDAA also steps on the 5th and 6th amendment, which will be covered later. One of the unthinkable ways that the 4th amendment is violated, can be referred to as civil forfeiture. This is a common practice of government, which involves taking someone’s personal assets, without probable cause, and in many cases, without any charges being brought forth. It sounds ridiculous, but it is done all the time. Now the perception here is that bills like the patriot act, went through congress, and ultimately was signed by the President, so it gives the illusion, that everything that has been done under these laws are legitimate. This is a gross misconception by uneducated and misinformed Americans. The Constitution was written to keep the power and authority of the federal government to a minimum, leaving most governing authority to the individual states. A President cannot act unilaterally, the same way that congress cannot vote our rights away, because it happens to be politically expedient at the time, or as a knee jerk reaction to a crisis. Throughout history, knee jerk reactions to crises, such as Hitler’s enabling act, have led to horrible atrocities, due to the willingness of a governing body, to delegate all power to one individual, or by enacting extreme measures, to deal with adverse economic or social effects, that come about, due to these temporary problems. Our elected officials take an oath, but they never seem to be bound by it, for when they go against our founding principles, they are not held accountable. The Federal Government would not exist at all, if the original states didn’t allow for its formation. The Articles of Confederation, that preceded our Constitution, suggested that the central government, act only as an advisor to the states, and not be permitted, significant power over state governments. It was only when they considered situations that may arise, in which manpower and supplies need to be mobilized quickly and efficiently, that they decided that a central government would be more effective in managing those resources. This consideration, was made in the midst of the difficulties that the rebels had early in the revolutionary war. The Constitution’s purpose, was to put shackles on government. It was not written to restrain American citizens.

5th and 6th amendment, denied.

The NDAA blatantly guts the 5th and 6th amendment, by stating that the government has the legal ability to detain any citizen indefinitely, without probable cause, or even a single charge. The NDAA has been voted on multiple times, due to the fact that the legislation must be approved periodically by congress in order to be valid. Yes votes came from the most unlikely public officials. Great Americans like Lt Col. Allen West gave it a stamp of approval, which is puzzling, coming from a member of the party that preaches small government. It just supports the idea, that the problem in DC, comes from both sides of the isle. This indefinite detention, ignores due process of law, outlined in the 5th amendment. The 6th amendment is also shredded by the NDAA, and its indefinite detention, because it does not allow for a trial by an impartial jury of the state. This is more unsettling, when you consider what Obama, and his DHS views as a “terrorist”. For the answer, refer to the Domestic Terrorism Lexicon from DHS in 2009. This behavior by our government, is peculiar, and disturbing, but the average American brushes it off and calls anyone that raises an eyebrow, a “conspiracy theorist”.

The forgotten 10th.

We move on to the 10th amendment that outlines states’ rights. The best example of a violation of the 10th amendment, under the current administration, is the government’s unwillingness, or refusal to enforce immigration laws, while taking legal action against the states that attempt to deal with the problems, that Uncle Sam chooses to ignore. Specific example, Jan Brewer in Arizona. The President has been known to use Eric Holder and the DOJ, to take legal action in other cases, in which states attempt to make decisions at the state level, that seem to be at odds with Obama and his twisted ideology. One case in point, the lawsuit that Obama filed against the state of Ohio, and a state law allowing early voting for members of the military. He makes up the rules as he goes, and congress is silent. It makes one wonder if there is a breaking point with congress, in which they will put their foot down and say, enough. Obama will continue the lawlessness, as long as congress allows it. The Constitution is a guide, it is not magic. We must have an electorate, and a government that respects our founding fathers,f and our founding document. Without this respect, the Constitution is just another piece of paper.


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