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Useful Model of Electronic Harassment

Updated on December 24, 2010

A Useful Model for Electronic Harassment

Think of electronic harassment as the constant bombardment of your "primitive brain" with very undesirable thoughts. To avoid feeling/thinking these things, one can simply use only their "higher brain" all/most of the time. It's when I stop thinking that problems ensue. This tends to correspond to the slightest impulsive movement/thought. I JUMP out of bed and immediately my mind gets hit with a ton of subliminal garbage. When getting "The Max", one can survive this mental deluge by 1. moving very slowly 2. thinking continuously 3. staying out of the occipital (visual center or imagination). 4. Focusing on the ringing in the ears and willing the high-pitched, ear-ringing signals out into longer and longer syllables. 

This is doing things the RIGHT way in the opinion of our society. Doing things like this can make you a whole lot smarter and less prone to all the traps that can drive one "nuts". Yes - it is rather dull to someone who has lived life as a thrill-seeker BUT it can save you when things really get ugly, too. The first time I discovered this was after writing a particularly inflammatory article about sexually-indiscriminant males being made to see themselves as women. The ringing in my ears got so loud and the artificial stress became so high that I chose to literally SLOW DOWN. Oddly enough, this brought me a great deal of relief. It felt like I could almost see the atoms (or "reality pixels") which comprise our world. I came to see this "electrical field" as some sort of smart drug. I used to spend hundreds of dollars a month on smart-drugs, but this one was actually free!

The problem with me is the problem any average person faces in today's world: we WANT THINGS. As soon as we exert ourselves via our primitive circuits, there is something there to really mess with these portions of the mind. Intense emotions tend to set off a cacaphony of very unpleasant thoughts/feelings. SOME people whom I have known throughout life have avoided this "trap that kills only animals". They seem much sharper and smarter than when I saw them years ago. We ALL possess the capacity to mentally-evolve, the question is whether we are willing to undergo the process by which this is facilitated in this the 21st Century. These people will speak of things in such a way as to hint that they know precisely what I'm thinking without stating it openly. Many people can "see right through us", like our souls are on "psychic television" for them to see. All I'm doing is giving the average soul (like me) a chance to benefit from this experience without "going crazy".

Right now, my mind is functioning from a very cerebral standpoint. I can see how very logical people survived this "psychic flood" without much difficulty. You are neither happy nor are you sad. I've pretty-much shut down my "lower brain", even my limbic-system which is involved with feeling emotions. It isn't fun, but it isn't painful or disturbing, either. I'm taking a rather high dose of "mind energy" at this point. Like some smart-drugs, your mind is more alert.......but you must HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS ENERGY. If you shunt it up into your grey matter (higher-thinking self) as opposed to your brainstem (animal-thinking self), you will feel almost "gifted" in that you are able to express yourself with an eloquence previously unknown to you. If I were to waste one moment trying to feel: afraid/angry, I would INSTANTLY be flooded with more unpleasant thoughts/feelings than you could shake a stick at.

This is like a "mind-amplifier" with deep consequences for people with impulsive tendencies. This "electronic mind accelerator/charger" will OVERLOAD THE PRIMITIVE MIND. It simply lacks the number of circuits to handle all this energy. The overrall effect on the mind is like a stimulant-induced psychosis. The mind is overly-excited in the wrong mental states and we get very nasty thoughts/feelings (which I attribute to a "dark side" which exists to "trap" people who use their lower-minds instead of their higher minds). We are often called "dogs", which seems to imply that we have been relegated to a "lower mental caste" which demands that we obey EVERY SPECIFIC THOUGHT/ACTION which we receive over this "Psychic Radio in our heads". The way out is to DO EVERYTHING LIGHTLY AND SLOWLY. It feels rather ridiculous to move/think so carefully, but there is a ton of danger for those who take the "fast way round".

Also, RESIST ANY AND ALL URGES TO BECOME FRIGHTENED/ANGRY/AROUSED. It is just like opening a door into Hell and all these disturbing pictures/feelings flood our minds. I've spent the last couple years using anxiolitics/Abilify and also Kratom to simply make the brain dead to any and all psychic/psychotronic stimulation. The problem was that the medications/herbs become less and less effective against this "Psychic Energy". I had to withdraw completely from Kratom and cut down on my use of medications. The key to surviving this rebound of perceived energy is to simply SLOW DOWN and become much more cerebral. It's like "The Dark Side" waits for us at such times to "freak us out" during this transitional period. Take your doses sparingly and without any expectation of "fun" or "immediate relief". Cut down gradually so that you can avoid the extreme experiences I've had to go through!

Learn to do something that involves your mind's "higher centers". Drawing helps, writing helps, thinking helps and being really nice helps. You can either go back to the medications that bring relief after a fairly long period of time OR just keep on mentally-evolving. I know that this can seem frightening. We don't wish to lose our "emotional color", we are frightened of change. But if we keep going, we may be able to make some changes to this world. Higher minds are treated a whole lot better than simply being "renegade".

So this is what the world is made up of: the 1. Super-intelligent people who attract nobodies' attention 2. Very "meek" people who do not attract anybodies' attention and 3. People who may or may not have succumbed to this "Dark Side" I keep talking about. You really cannot ever tell who IS or ISN'T if you are looking at things the right way. If you think the BEST POSSIBLE THOUGHTS ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE, IT'S PRETTY HARD TO BE ALL PARANOID WHICH IS THE THING YOU WANT TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Don't judge anyone Else's life-style because this will get you wrapped-up in ANGER - an emotion that is just as bad as FEAR. It will then seem as though all the world is "out-to-get" you when you think negatively about anyone or anything. This is a tough one.........I spent years "fighting the -------s", which only brought me more energy and more challenging social interactions(stalking)/more paranoia. It was a very unpleasant place to be, mentally-speaking.  This will show you how NOT to "be there" where I was. If you don't call anyone names from within your mind, you won't be made to feel as if you ARE THAT EXACT THING.

     In conclusion, we have the alternative of using this "mental energy" as a mental evolvement tool.  This beats the heck out of thinking angrily, fearfully or judgementally.  In those times that we feel particularly stressed-out or emotionally upset, escape from Hell by crawling up out of your "lower brain" and into your "Higher Brain".  This means you are neither happy nor sad nor angry nor judgemental of anyone else.  You just keep formulating different concepts, which becomes easier when you are being "Beamed".  You'll keep becoming more intelligent as you live slowly and very discreetly.  How you use this information is completely up to you.  Evolve forwards or survive to emote another day.  I do a little bit of both! 


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    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Dear Lyn,

      You are absolutely correct in your belief that a relationship with God is necessary. All of this is our government fulfilling Biblical Prophecy. It's a process by which each person is either pushed out into darkness or increasingly enlightened. You are so right about appreciating the small things........almost a scientific way to explain the necessity of positive spirituality!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have been reading your posts the last couple days and I find them to be very enlightened. You are very uplifting in practical ways and have found a way to both shield your body and your mind--no small thing. I really appreciate your knowledge as I am just coming to terms with being beamed and am now being manipulated in my sleeping state and need to find a way to counter these dangerous measures. I am usually able to stay in a "higher" state of mind during the day, but have found myself completely vulnerable and defenseless at night. I will be going to sleep with my iPod tonight and will work on getting some shielding going--thanks to you : ) You make good points about what sleep deprivation can do to the strongest of minds--eventually, it will break them down. It is refreshing to read how you have evolved into a positive place with everything as I believe that to be the way of victory. The other must-have is a personal relationship with the Lord as these are spiritual attacks. By wearing down our bodies our spirits are more vulnerable, too. If we neglect our spirits, we will not be able to stay positive and to find joy in the small things. Finding joy and peace within this situation is our victory if we are fortunate enough to find the way. Thank you for the help. I look forward to reading whatever else that you have to share!


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