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Using Guitar Chords to Strum the Hearts of the Less Fortunate

Updated on May 17, 2013

This is a continuation of our earlier article on philanthropists who touch the hearts of humanity.

Randy Wooten

Research has shown that music has the capabilities to change so much in the world. Where music touches, love, kindness and joy blossom, and when music is merged with philanthropy, miracles can happen. From time to time, the world produces a person who is philanthropic enough, that they are willing to dedicate their careers to the honorable course of bettering humanity. In Los Angeles, California, the world is glad to have Randy Wooten.

Randy is, first, a philanthropist. He is also a musician and film maker who uses his talents and career to help the less fortunate people rise above their various predicaments. Over the course of the years, he has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors including helping the homeless, hosting charity concerts, clothing and feeding the hungry.

Raised on the philosophy that all people are equal, Charles Wooten tries to bring this to accomplishment by using his music and ‘small deeds’ to put a smile on the face of the less fortunate people in Los Angeles. His music has been hailed by many fans and critics as the voice that gives hope to the hopeless and two of the films that he has helped make have received world-wide accolades for their touching humanitarian themes.

Through personal philosophies that he frequently shares on his social network accounts and blog, he has consistently encouraged other people to take up philanthropy. He believes that philanthropy has nothing to do with riches. In fact, for him, the greatest gifts that he has to offer to the less fortunate are his talents of music and filmmaking, and volunteering his services at St. Joseph Center in California. He is also affiliated with the Bread and Roses Café in LA. “Giving is not confined to fat donation checks,” he maintains.

He challenges everyone to try a hand on philanthropy by starting with the person who is right next to them, instead of aiming for the numbers. The problem with many people, he says, is that they are waiting for many to come across many souls in distress in order to put on their philanthropy gear. With his voice and guitar, this great musician-philanthropist has been able to touch more than one life. He has proved to the world that when it comes to philanthropy, it is not the depth of the pocket that matters, but the willingness of the spirit.

Sharon Youkin, The Philanthropist Who Tweets

To a lot of people the social media is a place where they brag about what they are capable of, drive their business sales higher or simply brag about their newest material acquisitions. Few people ever think that the social media can be used to better humanity and alleviate human suffering. Few use it to spread the message of hope. That is the reason why Sharon L. Youkin stands conspicuous like a rose among thorns.

She is the director of Medic, a volunteering program based in Madison. She believes that the social media is a platform that can be used to draw people towards uniting in the betterment of humanity. She does not preach water and drink otherwise. Checking her social media timelines and blog will reveal the extent of her involvement in humanitarian activities. She also persuades other people to engage in humanitarian and voluntary courses.

She believes in partnerships and developments and is a member of the Community Partnership and Outreach (CPO) Staff Network in Madison. She has authored and co-authored several journals, most of which dwell on how human equality can be achieved. Most of her volunteering campaigns involve students from the University of Wisconsin, school of medicine. She maintains that the volunteering programs, while helping humanity to cope with various medical afflictions also help the students gain a lot of experience in their disciplines.

Her efforts have not gone without recognitions. In the recent past, the volunteering organization that she leads, Medic was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award for its work in the community. The President’s Volunteer Service Award is bestowed to individuals and organizations that have shown a keen devotion in motivating other people to engage in volunteering. For Sharon, this was a well-deserved recognition, but as she maintains, it does not mark the end of her voluntary work. The use of social media, blogging and community mobilization were instrumental in encouraging people to give more towards voluntary service.

Apart from a major concentration in the field of medical volunteering, Sharon Youkin is also involved in raising environmental awareness and takes part in various cleanups around her neighborhood. She also teaches young children to take up voluntary service at an early age, believing that, that which is imparted early in the life of a child takes a deeper meaning and root in its entire life.

In most of her voluntary programs, she deals with the youth. This has necessitated that she picks up youth-friendly ways of disseminating information. By doing this, she has proved to the world that there is more than one use of the social media.


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