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Utopian Dream

Updated on July 15, 2016

Indian Sunset


By Tony DeLorger © 2010

I’ve always dreamt of a world free from conflict, poverty, hunger and disease, as many of us have. Utopia has always been the intent of many doctrines and philosophies, where human beings live in perfect harmony, sharing the wealth of the earth, its resources and bounty. Humanity has evolved in so many ways, with miraculous advances in technology, medicine and energy, yet we incessantly cling to outmoded and destructive practices and all because of what? Yes, money. We continue to use fossil fuels even though it is polluting our planet. We persist in tearing down forests at the cost of eco-systems, wildlife and our own need for clean breathable air; and for what? Again, money is the answer.

Have we learned nothing at all? The world in filled with inequity and imbalance, all of which will not change because of one single factor, human beings are flawed and selfish. We want change but not at the expense of our own lives of plenty. The common good is rarely a serious consideration in an affluent society. We simply consider what negatively affects us individually and then reject it outright. Unfortunately this thought process dominates every echelon of society including and even more pointedly, in politics. That is why corruption is a basic and integral part of governments; how could it be any other way?

Political ascendance needs money, influential support and powerbrokers in the shadows. Each link requires paybacks, special considerations, and often withholding a plethora of counter-agendas. The resultant reality creates political systems that invest in military armaments and conflicts rather than education and healthcare and corporate development rather than social reform. The decision making of corrupt governments creates inequity, class division and misery for all, apart from those with the power and the cash. When wealthy societies have starving children, families living on the streets, and the old and infirm not being cared for, one would have to assume that these governments are not being successful on a fundamental level.

I’m no socialist or communist, or adhere to any other dogma, but something has to change in our present systems of government, to decrease the suffering of people who expect more from those they have invested in, the politicians. The inequities in the world exist because of greed and the absence of empathy for our human brothers and sisters. We are all too wound up in our own pursuit for wealth and a better life, that we hardly even acknowledge the suffering that surrounds us. The beginning of change is within every one of us. It is our decision alone.

I believe we already live in a ‘Utopia’ on earth. All we have to do is rid the planet of all the humans. Until we understand the natural concept of balance we will never live together in harmony. And we believe we are the evolved ones.


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