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Updated on May 8, 2012

He spoke of personal views.

Vice President Joe Biden has always been "plain and specific" in his outlook on so many things; however, his weekend acceptance that he was "comfortable with men marrying men and women marrying women" was more confusing than any remark he has ever made.

Many people that supported him, and were also supporters of the Democratic Party for that matter, took it to be that he was expressing his own personal views, which were entirely different from that of the party.

That has always been the case in a Democratic society that anyone could have a say on any controversial subject, so long as they were not advocating for or against it. They could imply in their remarks what they thought of the subject, but they would still do whatever they could to hold back on the effects it (controversy) would have on society as a whole. The impact could be disastrous, if they were not careful.

For if Joe Biden's assumption that anybody could marry anybody, irrespective of what they thought, then there would be no marriage, or marriage could not be the same for a great majority of people, not only in the United States, but in the whole wide world.

Yet, that was not what he thought should be the case; and the "who do you love" question he was adamantly asking did not indicate that he Biden would really "love" another man in a sexually proposed way; no, God forbid.

As far as people knew, he was as heterosexual a person now as the day he was born, and so why would he change his mind about traditional marriage or would go out of his way to embrace another form of marriage, when he perfectly knew that if the meaning of marriage became something else, there would be so much confusion about everything else.

Every law, every relationship, every meaning, every understanding, every opinion, etc. etc.; they would all change, as society would have no standards or demarcations, because there would be no need for them. Nothing could be ideologically correct, as segments of the population could interpret anything differently to suit their own whim and caprice.

However, that was not what the Vice-president was saying or meant; and most of all, he was not making a "mixed-meaningless-marriage" proposition, which people somehow took as government policy in the making.

He was referring to the rights; the civil rights of all people, per se, that must be acceptable to all human beings; and specifically that what one did with oneself was nobody else's business, so long as it did not contravene the law or any acceptable norms.

Biden would be the last person to admit that he could single handedly change a government policy. How it (policy) might seem to one person would not be the same as the other person's view on it; but it could not be changed without a general consensus.

People might also think from a moral point of view and argue about a change being right or wrong, but there would not be any morality base or background to compare that change with.

Come to think of it, it was the media that was interested in engaging the public in a controversial subject to muddle up the seemingly moderate atmosphere that the 2012 presidential campaigns by both parties were moving in; and to throw in the same-sex marriage caper would spice things up in their opinion.

People should not allow that to happen; and besides, the Vice-president's view alone could not alter a party's policy. There was no way that the Democratic Party would permit that to occur. They (people) might belong to the same party, they did have every right to stick to their own views on any topic, including marriage, of course.

That was what Biden did over the weekend, by expressing a personal view, and not to represent anybody or to indicate where the Obama government stood on any subject. His comments were his and his alone.

Our friends in the media should think about what they should bring up in the next few months; for they were liable to divide the country by steaming up what Vice-president Joe Biden said, and use those comments to spark an unnecessary argument.


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