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VILLAINS... by Merwin

Updated on November 17, 2012

I get a lot of "updates" from a variety of sources some liberal, some conservative, some libertarian, religious, non-religious, partisan, non-partisan... etc.

The thing that strikes me most as being very... VERY wrong politically, is the effort to villan-ize the other side. The conservatives/liberals/libertarian/independents go out of their way to showcase the idiocy of the other side. In these efforts they go to the current leaders of stupidity that the other side allows to be exhibited. People like James Carville for the liberals, or Ann Coulter for the conservatives, are common fodder of examples of extreme behavior that bring the validity and credibility of the party they are proponents of into question.

Example… the liberals are quick to point out what a nut-job Coulter can be, and rightly so, but totally ignore the fact that they have in their camp her perfect nut-job counterpart Carville.

And this behavioral finger pointing is not confined to individuals it is across the board conduct that is embarrassing to their parties that gets exposure in the oppositions publications. All the while this is playing into the hands of MOST of the politicians who are taking advantage of the public disparity and lack of unity.

I have a suggestion for all the John and Joan Q. Publics out there… stop buying into the nonsense that because the “other side” doesn’t agree with you, that they are “the bad guys”. If anything, it is the Politicians that keep us at each other’s throat, fostering the attitude of mistrust and even hatred, that are the bad guys. Remember… it is they that brought us the Patriot Act and the NDAA. If you do not know what either of these Acts are, you should “google” (small ‘g’ intentional, I don’t trust google either) them to find out.

We need to work together to rid our government and our society of these partisan vultures that feed on our fighting each other.

One more passing thought from a “conservative” I haven’t got a problem with a “Social” program, but, if we “pass” any program for relief of any kind, it cannot include the type of waste that our government is famous for.


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    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

      Okay! Yes I agree with that. It is a waste of money, not allowing for cuts matching tax increases. Our family doesn't even make 40 thousand a year! I am trying to finish and get my degree. It helps me to focus my attention on studies to reach the goal of Bachlor of Political science and journalism, The interest rate provides me the chance to pay on this loan a little easier. It is higher now, student loan interest rates than it was when my husband went to Valenova. I braid his hair! He is a boomer like you. I am just saying how do we get those who are so worried about loop holes they don't need! understand where this side is coming from! :) voted up and shared.